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  1. A coin flying the dinar value and inflation prevent circulation between citizens
  2. Central Bank agreed to open two branches of the Lebanese Bank fransabank Iraq
  3. Central Bank bought 20 tons of high-purity gold to support dinar stability
  4. Between the abolition of private banks and the growing need for her
  5. Multiple branches of the banks support the economic activity
  6. Two: Gold the best guarantee for the stability of exchange rates
  7. Saleh, CBI former official: the main money Fund she exhausted him expenses
  8. Expert: improvisational & unprofessional remarks about counterfeiting confuse banking
  9. Iraq plans to three loans, one to fill the budget deficit
  10. CBI called on citizens to "keep" banknote cleanliness and not writing or signatures
  11. After months of raising item VII. CBI is preparing to take over Iraq funds in America
  12. Positive international evaluation of success of Iraq in achieving monetary stability
  13. CBI decide Seck "11" tons of gold bullion to diversify means of saving the public
  14. The Central Bank announced the arrival of up to 90 tons
  15. Central Bank: high gold reserves in the past two months
  16. Central Bank: 15 Arab and foreign banks opened branches in Iraq since start of year
  17. An economist is the Central Bank's higher up the gold "blurry"
  18. 8 percent contribution of the banking sector in GDP
  19. CBI recycling print banknotes to prevent counterfeiting & enable blind to know value
  20. Iraq announces its intention to buy more gold in the coming months
  21. Central Bank sells gold to raise the value of the old fire
  22. Economist warns of (monetary inflation) affects the local market
  23. The Finance Committee confirms the stability of the Iraqi dinar
  24. CBI: Bank for International Settlements agreed to invest another $1 billion this year
  25. CBI rule out $100 billion reserves for private sector foreign trade feeding expansion
  26. Expert: zeros deletion from current currency instead of printing a new currency
  27. Finance Minister looking in Washington to protect Iraqi funds from creditors
  28. The cash reserve force supports national currency
  29. Iraqi-Lebanese banker discusses investment opportunities in the country
  30. Central defends actions in auction sell
  31. CBI: our full independence from Gov gives us permission to lend tto bridge budget gap
  32. International financial institutions willing to support the banking sector in Iraq
  33. "Central banking companies decide to auction the coin without intermediaries
  34. Central Bank calls his "JP Morgan" us to open a branch in Iraq
  35. Worries behind postponement of project to delete zeros from currency
  36. Expert warns; smuggling dollars after allowing conversion companies enter CBI auction
  37. Friday. The Iraqi-Lebanese Banking Conference
  38. Requiring ministries to accept instruments of private banks up to 100 million
  39. The Ministerial economic stresses the role of the private sector in development
  40. Requiring official acceptance of the instruments of private banks welcome wide
  41. Iraq-Lebanese Banking Conference: 7 Lebanese bank branches & requests opening more
  42. Lebanese banks preparing to enter the Iraqi market
  43. FC: money laundering takes place in private banks
  44. A proposal to convert to an electronic cash payment system support
  45. An economist describing step by opening branches of foreign banks (positive)
  46. Deputy warns of further government borrowing from the Central Bank
  47. Lebanese-Iraqi banker Conference stresses collaboration and investment
  48. CBI: delete zeros from currency linked to stability of political & economic situation
  49. Lebanese banks seeking financial boom in Iraq and check to avoid money laundering
  50. expert: replace structural currency could confuse domestic market & helps to forge
  51. Central Bank denies any resolution regarding the deletion of zeros from the currency
  52. The Central Bank issued new instructions to the Basra daily currency
  53. CBI: Iraq seeks domestic output to more than 13% & non-oil activiti 7.5% annually
  54. Nasiri: monetary policy, strengthen the dinar value externally
  55. How to gain experience of banking?
  56. 50 billion dinars, the total amount for the current year Asdaria
  57. Iraq fighting counterfeit currency by issuing new editions
  58. The parliamentary financial swung a delete zeros at the beginning of the next
  59. Financial representative outweighs delete zeros from the currency next year
  60. The judiciary warned of gangs of falsifying money low value
  61. In Beijing: no categories [250 and 500] JD raises a fuss
  62. Central confirms its determination to prevent the trading of electronic coin
  63. Al-Shabibi: compromising Central Bank independence puts our money abroad at risk
  64. CBI: to allow companies to buy dollar remittance directly "without Center drains"
  65. Central Bank: 5 trillion dinar value auctions remittances this year
  66. Central Bank: failure to pass budget hurts our reserves & didn't get to $100 billion
  67. CBI & Bank of econ discussed procedures, mechanisms be adopted to improve performance
  68. The Central Bank put under guardianship economy Bank
  69. The Central Bank on trust private banks raised angry reactions for economists
  70. Central Bank criticized State banks to deliver banknotes "stale & outdated" staff
  71. Commissions from selling USD banks. Equivalent to neighbouring State budget
  72. The Central Bank requires banks to inject modern stock course
  73. Call for linking the dinar to a basket of currencies
  74. Billion frozen in the coffers of State-owned banks because of "red tape"
  75. Central launches new instructions to sell the currency auction
  76. Central Bank raised Bank tutelage (Iraq) after raising capital to 150 billion dinars
  77. Central denies transfer of funds from the Bank's reserves to the green zone
  78. Community banks monopolize the currency using the security situation
  79. Experts: IQD at mercy of USD because foreign currency basket not activated
  80. Citizens and international banker said the dinar retreated against the dollar
  81. Financial expert: wellbeing regained dinars a week after wobbling
  82. Central Bank of Iraq: Although we have enough events to support our currency
  83. Other applications will banks banking world in 2015
  84. CBI USD reserves covering 1.3 to IQD, possibly high coverage of over 100% for USD/IQD
  85. Central Bank reserves are safe and go beyond $70 billion
  86. CBI: security situation not affect IQD. expert: Foreign Exchange temporary storage
  87. Safety: we look forward to cooperation based on fighting money laundering
  89. Central Bank calls for State ministries to wait to deal with the economy
  90. professional competence, financial capacity important conditions for founding banks
  91. Iraqi profits for bond holders
  92. CBI grant economy to investment & finance certain powers under World Bank tutelage
  93. CBI sold in the 12 months of $ equivalent of one third of the Iraq budget
  94. CBI : cash reserve to support IQD reached 70 billion dollars, exchange rate 1200 BD
  95. MOF auctions
  96. The Central Bank decides to raise the custody Bank across Iraq Al Ahli
  97. Turki: IQD powered reserves, not linked to any other currency, cash reserves support
  98. Determinants of constraining the growth of banking business
  99. CBI electronic paym't system settle instruments between gov'al institutions & banking
  100. Central Bank of Iraq issues Visa cards
  101. The Central Bank will raise its ten thousand dinars of new end its current
  102. Priv banks want nat'l econ leadership; defend depositors, shareholder rights, support
  103. Two experts: several reasons behind the lack of coins
  104. The responsibility of the Association of banks in the next phase
  105. Islamic financial market of investment excellence
  106. Destruction of currencies to increase the efficiency of the payments system
  107. Expert: risk management enhance monetary stability for the currency
  108. Banks suffer neglect civil government Iraq
  109. Central to the work of electronic payment
  110. Expert: applications support monetary policy responsibility of Association banks
  111. Transfers control of liquidity and financing of temporary disability
  112. The Central Bank requires banks to selected dinar exchange rate
  113. Experts call for expansion of electronic payment services
  114. British bank; int'l banks willingness to open Iraq branches, drains foreign currency
  115. Two experts: exit funds easier entry to Iraq
  116. Central Bank gives leave to foreign banks without a commitment to r & d
  117. British yo'kdrghabhalmsarf world opening Iraqbank branches wekhberiri it drains alalh
  118. Economists: Central Bank actions have enhanced the stature of the banking sector
  119. Invittn work with monetary instruments musk - banknotes printing expensive perishable
  120. The central reason for the new payments system
  121. URGENT: 7 year prison sentence given to Central Bank head, Sinan al-Shabibi
  122. Central Bank announces the launch of the new paper category ten thousand dinars
  123. Financial representative likely remake class (50) thousand dinars
  124. Chalabi: Deposit Insurance Corporation Mission preservation fund
  125. Controls on transfers of money laundering
  126. deleting zeroes from IQD, Unlike economic policy, experts put resolution, CBI
  127. Experts criticize focus IQD in State banks, demand citizens' deposits guarantee
  128. Dinar value determined by monetary policy
  129. Nasiri: economic restructuring requires domestic and international efforts
  130. Economists call for non-interference with CBI work and respect for its resolutions
  131. Economists criticize issuance of new currency rather than implementing delete zeros
  132. Place: Central Bank looted banks support
  133. Warnings from some private banks to bankruptcy
  134. Experts diagnose poor performance and reform of the banking
  135. Financial representative: we will host Governor of the Central Bank after holiday
  136. The banking sector is. Inability to cover provisions for foreign companies
  137. Restructuring banks support investment
  138. Central Bank soon to release new banknotes categories of 5000 and 25,000 Dinars......
  139. 100 emails to CBI regarding Guardianship of Warka
  140. Cash Strapped Iraq
  141. CBI decides to grant new facilities for foreign remittances and denies stopped (WHY?)
  142. IMF Iraq is a Special Case
  143. Shabibi will return to his central bank governor
  144. Parliament end the first reading of the budget in 2015
  145. Suspicion sneak into Shabibi file
  146. First trading session of 2015 Sunday, 11/01/2015
  147. IMF recommends structural reforms
  148. TWO BILLION DOLLARS in the Iraq (DFI)
  149. Central Bank warns citizens to handle foreign banknotes
  150. CBI announces the issuance of remittances worth 5 trillion dinars
  151. Central Bank announces having a financial reserve equivalent to one and half times
  152. Member of the Finance Committee: 2015 budget will be approved next Thursday
  153. Central Bank decides to take the necessary measures
  154. Abadi economic adviser praises central bank action to lend budget
  155. Central Bank offers 5 proposals
  156. CBI knows about DINAR (please read)
  157. CBI News and Announcements
  158. 2-12-2015 news
  159. Governor of the Central Bank to discuss the draft deposit guarantee
  160. Bankers Association recommends authored a committee to amend its rules of procedure
  161. Good News!!! 02-16-2015
  162. Economic center calls for the twinning of local banks with global improve its perform
  163. Good news 02-21-2015
  164. Support the independence of the Central Bank of Iraq
  165. CBI faces problem of the shortage of foreign currency
  166. Central Bank: start applying the new system of remittances and sell currency
  167. CBI Withdrawals 50 Dinar Note
  168. Work remittances system is designed to control the amount of money sent abroad
  169. CBI announcement 3-1-2015
  170. Parliamentary Finance Committee discussed on Monday with the central bank governor
  171. Green light for its implementation 03-03-2015
  172. Centra faces the problem of the shortage of foreign currency
  173. Central: Almatachewn the currency auction cause to raise the exchange rate
  174. the central bank seeks to increase support for the oil sector in the coming years
  175. Economist: can not overcome the financial crisis quickly
  176. Proposal to launch a Government bond debt in dollars
  177. IMF praises steps Iraq 03-22-2015
  178. Central wrong deal with the crisis 03-25-2015
  179. Finance Committee 03-28-2015
  180. Governor of the Central Bank 03-30-2015 (GOOD)
  181. the project of recording displaced according to the smart card
  182. Iraq has lost more than $ 200 billion
  183. loss of $ 165 billion from the Development Fund for Iraq
  184. Iraq in Discussions with IMF 04-07-2015
  185. Important CBI Meeting Apr 7 2015
  186. Iraq and the relevant authorities to limit the use of cash 04-07-2015
  187. raq looking financial position with the IMF
  188. the central bank is likely issuance of large coins
  189. O-m-g 04-11-2015
  190. 50 categories and 100 dinars pave the way
  191. Cancel zeros will raise the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar
  192. Article 50 behind the rise in dollar prices 19/04/2015
  193. one hundred fifty thousand dinars of currency
  194. The anti-money laundering law in the Cabinet soon
  195. the central bank manipulates the "dollar prices" 26/04/2015
  196. high dollar returns to restrict the central bank to sell limited quantities
  197. economy calls for the central bank law and the "expulsion" of the government
  198. Central Bank has processors to maintain the exchange rate of the dollar
  199. increase outlets sell the dollar will not dominate the local currency deterioration
  200. The economic and investment commission hosts the Governor of the Central Bank
  201. IMF agrees to lend Iraq $ 800 million within weeks
  202. Central Bank of Iraq in the process of printing paper 50 000 dinars
  203. Parliamentary Finance denies Iraq withdrawal amounts of central bank reserves
  204. Central allocated six billion dollars to banks in order to support the private sector
  205. Central Bank Rejects Redenomination of Dinar (May 9, 2015)
  206. "Central" between "print" Iraqi banknotes and delete zeros
  207. Central» is heading to the big printed currency to reform the payments system
  208. Central Bank will print large cash categories to create the removal of zeros
  209. yahooo.... 5-16-2015 (Print thousand paper of class 25 thousand does not cost $ 60)
  210. Central reserves rise .. and the country remains influenced by oil prices
  211. Central Bank lends banks $ 5 billion at the request of Parliament
  212. Abadi adviser: praises the policy of the CBI and supports the deletion of zeros
  213. The central bank lifted the daily sales of the dollar
  214. Economic Advisor to the Government welcomes the decision of the central
  215. CBI announcements 5/25/2015
  216. yahooo.....it is coming.... 5-26-2015
  217. Central Bank to address the financial crisis
  218. Central demands to ensure the safety of the banking system
  219. 2016 will see a new Asaddarviat of paper currency to the Iraqi banknotes series
  220. Expert addresses the central bank: the recent chaos banker your actions
  221. Parliamentary Integrity Committee will submit its report by the Central Bank
  222. Central is expected the arrival of assets to 70 trillion dinars
  223. Central Bank supports small and medium enterprises with five trillion dinars
  224. install Governor of the Central Bank confirms: no one dares to turn it into a commerc
  225. Central sales of the dollar raises to 25% and confirms: the exchange rate rose becaus
  226. Central Bank and the banks are trying to recover the confidence of the citizen
  227. Central Bank decides to deprive the 14 banks from entering the window to sale and pur
  228. CBI - Parliamentary Finance demanding the ouster Governor of the Central Bank
  229. The central bank approves the return 14 banks were excluded from the currency auctio
  230. Central Bank reserves reached 65 billion dollars
  231. Central Bank: banks have paid amounts to clean after penalties
  232. Central bank: borrowing from the IMF will achieve the required targets Iraq
  233. Central Bank current problems as a result of the loss of independence
  234. BRICS Central Bank experts meet in Turkey to finalise joint Monetary Fund
  235. Central bank decisions will contribute to reducing the price of the dollar
  236. Central decides considered Saturdays regular working day
  237. IMF: precautions Iraq currently stands at $ 68 billion
  238. The CBI increases the sales of the dollar to three times higher than the budget appro
  239. The central bank would agree to develop Kut Barrage in Iraq's new currency designs
  240. Central Bank: No worries about the impact on the dollar exchange rate and interventio
  241. Breaking News CBI Governor assures agreeing with Banks Union on unified exchange rate
  242. Central Bank directed to pay deposits of citizens "in dollars, not dinars
  243. Gov of CBIto abolish the bank auction to sell the dollar and suspended customs duties
  244. Central Bank: the issuance of three categories of cash in 2017
  245. The central bank raised the volume of sales: rising dollar exchange rates mafias Is i
  246. keep track of the money and set the border to keep the dollar exchange rate
  247. Central bank director on the Keywords taking pulls from Bank reserves, without offset
  248. transfer of powers and decentralization work
  249. We are no longer bound by budget constraints on the dollar auction
  250. the central bank must find a realistic price for the exchange rate