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  1. INTERVIEW-Iraq to issue intl bonds in August
  2. The Central Bank intends to sell the currency adjustment controls
  3. Central Bank: Determine the dollar sales ceiling will make a big shortage of the requ
  4. Controversy over the independence of the Central Bank
  5. Central strategy supports the transition to a market economy
  6. The central bank decided on Saturday officially considered durable
  7. Breaking News CBI Governor assures agreeing with Banks Union on unified exchange rate
  8. Gov. of the CBI: speculation and political interference in the work of the bank behin
  9. CBI announces on behalf of the bonds issued in dollars
  10. Central decides considered Saturdays regular working day
  11. Central Bank: Global markets will receive bonds that will be launched by the governme
  12. Central banks experiencing the biggest drop in foreign exchange reserves
  13. Zebari CBI Gov meet outline banking & financial reform importance
  14. Deputy:We will add paragraph cadre Central Bank Accounting parliamentary reform paper
  15. central bank will launch the Enterprise loans in the coming days
  16. Stop the Central Bank of Iraq, Sunday, dealing in dollars with bankers Iranians
  17. The Central Bank of Iraq sells gold bullion
  18. IMF Executive Board Approves Extension of Current SDR Currency Basket Until September
  19. Parliamentary Finance: coordinate with the Central Bank and Finance to curb money lau
  20. Parliamentary Finance: Iraq reserves of wealth of $ 59 billion and 90 tons of gold
  21. Parliament calls for the economic recovery of funds looted
  22. Central is preparing to launch bonds in local currency and asserts: We have a surplus
  23. Parliamentary Finance is preparing to launch a package of laws that support the monet
  24. Parliamentary Finance: state treasury almost empty of money
  25. Cbi announcement
  26. CBI plans to put up a large gold bullion weights to sell to citizens
  27. Abadi agreed to a proposal to restructure the specialized banks
  28. Urgent / Iraq "special forces stormed the Central Bank of Iraq
  29. US forces in control of the Central Bank of Iraq
  30. Central bank: electronic payment in its final stages and the private sector participa
  31. Central bank: we're going to implement a proposed bank transfer Rafidain and Rasheed
  32. Central Bank of Iraq lifts SMEs’ financing budget
  33. Najib: Central Bank allocates billion dollars for the development of the bank sector
  34. Central bank: electronic payment project in final stages 10/7/15
  35. Parliamentary Finance: there waiting for the launch of the loan amounts to benefit p
  36. 2016 will see a new Asaddarviat of paper currency to the Iraqi banknotes series
  37. Parliamentary Finance: the budget will be passed in two weeks
  38. 1166 to 1182
  39. CBI reserves of hard currency to cover imports for six months
  40. Central to launch the first amount of the category of 5 Alpha
  41. News & Announcements
  42. Iraq revives plan to sell bonds two billion dollars in 2016
  43. New CBI announcement 12/28/2015
  44. News & Announcements 12.30.2015
  45. Central Bank approves the launch of the electronic payment service across Zain
  46. Finance Minister: 2016 will be a tough year financially Iraq "
  47. News & Announcements 1/6/20016
  48. Central bank: Stamping contracted 10 000 specie to diversify their savings and get a
  49. Central Bank: No intention to amend the Iraqi dinar exchange rate
  50. Central: Bank management the only authority determining the dinar exchange rate
  51. IMF IRAQ Letter of Intent
  52. plans to unify the exchange rate of the dollar sold in the auction and the market
  53. CBI announcement 01-17-2016
  54. CBI Iraq has the hard currency enough to cover imports only six months
  55. Central Bank of Iraq .. monetary and fiscal policy successful 1-21-2016
  56. Central Policy distorted and his insistence on raising the dinar threatens economy
  57. New notes posted on CBI website
  58. Union of Arab Banks to develop their capacities and hold investment conference
  59. The central bank required to apply anti-currency smuggling and money laundering laws
  60. CBI denies rigging the categories of 10 and 25 thousand dinars 1-31-2016
  61. Central Bank calls on citizens to the acquisition of national bonds instead of "Tknez
  62. Central Bank: Government capable of exceeding expenditures 2-1-2016
  63. Iraqi displays gold coins for sale in local markets through banks
  64. CBIk: Reserve up to $ 50 million, twice the source of trading 2-3-2016
  65. CBI News and announcements
  66. Parliamentary Finance is discussing with the central bank currency and customs tariff
  67. The CBI would continue to sell the dollar in March and April 2-8-2016
  68. The central bank brought a warning to parents 2-14-2016
  69. New security features and powerful made a big leap in the Iraqi banknotes
  70. CBI released its Strategic Plan 2016-2020
  71. Central: we will sell bonds worth 7 trillion dinars .. and we have allowed banks to u
  72. Central-called strategy for the next five years
  73. Central bank: printing banknotes cost Iraq about $ 450 million
  74. Mobile Money Service goes live in Iraq
  75. Central: launching the currency bonds by March
  76. Smear the right criticizes central banking sector and calls for active participation
  77. The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank
  78. Central bank: coin replaced the 50 thousand to avoid inflation
  79. CBI governor hails Association of private banks Bntzim economic conferences inside an
  80. CBI_Strategic_plan (2016-2020)
  81. Keywords confirms move policy reform and modernization of the Central Bank Services
  82. Economist: central bank policy will push Iraq into a false bankruptcy
  83. Iraq meets with International Monetary Fund and the World Bank for long-term loans
  84. The central bank is accused speculators to lift the parliamentary Atar..alaguetsadah
  85. Iraq tops the list of World Bank loans worth $ 20 billion and warnings of a "squander
  86. IMF says Iraq could secure 3-year standby deal by June
  87. News and announcements 03/29/2016
  88. IMF: Iraq's reserves of hard currency dropped to $ 54 billion
  89. New CBI Announcement 04/6/2016
  90. CBI announces employing two companies to maintain currency
  91. IMF: Iraq will return to the market mid-2016
  92. Central Bank of Iraq: Iraqi dinar is ahead of many European countries
  93. CBI: We aspire to sell two billion dollars of bonds in the next three months
  94. New CBI announcement 04/28/2016
  95. Urgent stressing the central bank and government banks , security measures
  96. The central bank rejects a proposal for the distribution of employees' salaries in do
  97. News and announcements
  98. Central banks buying up gold to diversify away from US dollar
  99. Adopting the dollar accomplishes the stability in business dealings
  100. Member of the parliamentary finance: IMF required Iraq to impose income tax on employ
  101. Central» Iraqi exclude customers from currency auction
  102. Alnasiri must reconsider the structure of funding 5-26-2016
  103. Central Bank attacking banking and financial companies parliamentary stresses: mostly
  104. Decision: Parliament will hold an extraordinary session during Ramadan
  105. Central Bank announces the establishment of the company to guarantee bank deposits
  106. ECOSOC: in central banks to buy bonds to cover cash shortages
  107. CBI Website Arabic side
  108. Central Bank: the dollar will not sell to customers
  109. Central bank: no intention to withdraw the category of 50,000 dinars from the domesti
  110. Central Bank confirms meet the treatment and study requests for the needy
  111. US report reveals the presence of 300 companies money transfer and six Iraqi banks
  112. Reading in Iraq an agreement with the International Monetary Fund
  113. CBI News and announcements 7/3/16
  114. CBI 2016 2020 Strategic Plan
  115. The central bank is counting on the company "security" to compensate depositors of ba
  116. The central issue banknotes commemorating the marshes inclusion on the World Heritage
  117. 3 News and announcements 7-17-2016
  118. 2 News and announcements 7-18-2016
  119. Central Bank: monthly intentionally transfers for investment designed to bridge a bud
  120. Canada ensure Iraq at the International Monetary Fund and send $ 200 million
  121. CBI denies the transfer of funds from abroad for the benefit of people and organizat
  122. The central bank gives the government banks until September to adapt itself to the el
  123. CBI orders govt. banks to adopt electronic system
  124. The central bank sets a mandatory five points for banks, companies and warns of legal
  125. The central bank adopted a new policy to communicate with banks
  126. CBI News and announcements
  127. CBI sets standards to meet the purchase of foreign currency by banks
  128. CBI News and announcements 8-10-2016
  129. Central facilitates the process of getting on the dollar
  130. Central Bank of terrorism and money laundering: No dollar after today
  131. Parliamentary Finance will host representatives of the central banks and the Internat
  132. Iraqi Central Bank get easier bank dollar
  133. CBI accessible on the dollar from banks
  134. Alnasiri: The Central Bank's strategy achieved financial stability, inclusive and ban
  135. The central bank pulls license to sell currency the company for violating the law
  136. News and announcements 8-22-2016
  137. Statement issued by the Central Bank of Iraq
  138. In the parliamentary economy by central warns of deterrent measures unless the contro
  139. Central Bank: The government is facing a shortage of Iraqi dinars on the market
  140. Central Bank equip Rafidain and Rasheed dollar
  141. auction currency obtained all of them on the billion dinars Day
  142. Central Bank sells gold coins commemorating its foundation
  143. CBI solid steps in achieving development goals 10-01-2016
  144. Why you must stop the currency auction? 10-10-2016
  145. IMF" expects to reach an agreement with Iraq to prepare the credit before the end of
  146. Warning of a major financial collapse because of the hard currency at the central ban
  147. Arabic side of the CBI 11-08-2016
  148. CBI will Distribute Trillion Dinars to Iraqi Private Banks: Saleh
  149. The central bank begins its first steps to delete the three zeroes from the currency
  150. Keywords calls for banks to "adhere to the" instructions of the Central Bank!
  151. Finally .. withdraw your money in Iraq from ATM December 5, 2016
  152. Forum compliance is the first of its kind as it deals with important topics at the lo
  153. The central bank reveals the proportion of counterfeit banknotes in Iraqi currency
  154. New CBI Announcement 01/08/2017
  155. Central Bank announces the adoption of the international mathematical number (IBAN)
  156. Iraq confirms secure financial treasury until the year 2021 and is preparing to laun
  157. Banking Forum emphasizes the importance of communication between the Iraqi and Lebane
  158. A delegation from the U.S. treasury visited the CBI
  159. JULY 16-2017 from 30 tons to 90 tons of GOLD
  160. New Plan of CBI to increase the Number of Arab and Foreign Banks
  161. email from cbi?
  162. CBI email addresses
  163. Chinese yuan
  164. withdraw cash
  165. CBI web site modifications
  166. Alexia question...........
  167. 1000 Note
  168. A minor change on the CBI site, but it is a change aye?