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  1. 12-05-12
  2. Banker: crisis political threatens to drain out the dinar and the dollar declining
  3. Financial representative: UN delegation arrives to investigate CBI issue
  4. Cautious Central Bank to draft delete zeros
  5. CBI Source: Intentions of raising the value of each Iraqi dinars to equal dollar!
  6. Shabibi refuses to view the progress of the politicians to resolve the central bank s
  7. CBI authorizes the province to raise the price of the dinar against the dollar
  8. Central Bank: Permit the conservative lower U.S. dollar exchange rate based law
  9. Governor of the Central Bank reveals phantom accounts for filming and smuggling money
  10. Economist: the value of the dinar in decline
  11. Central: Our records matching with the American bank records
  12. Saleh: CBI is working to issue currency class of 100 thousand dinars soon; Urgent nee
  13. The Big Picture
  14. IMF Mission Concludes Article IV Discussions with Iraq
  15. Central Bank begins procedures deletion of zeros from currency
  16. Economic: delete the three zeros from the currency will not see the light after sacki
  17. Dr. Salam smeisim: monetary policy flop makes delete zeros an unsuccessful project
  18. Optical: the need to review the fiscal policy and banking reform
  19. Banker: delete the zeros in the current period will help forgery and counterfeiting o
  20. Finance parliamentary: the central bank is responsible for the high exchange rate of
  21. Delete the zeros. Project dynamic faces economic instability
  22. Economic Centre: delete three zeros success dependent on IQD / USD rate stability
  23. Economic parliamentary: political crises and the lack of clarity of the central bank'
  24. Financial Services Tribunal are suit Warka Bank and confirms the tutelage of the cent
  25. Economist: increasing the currency without reinvested turn to the burden on society
  26. Central Bank has no intention of structuring currency and delete the zeros is
  27. Deputy: need oversight cmtes for old currency destruction when delete 3 zeros project
  28. CBI denied
  29. Iraq keeping banknotes unchanged throughout 2013
  30. Financial: currency and delete zeros from the unit will eliminate fraud
  31. CBI achieves the highest reserves of hard currency in its history
  32. Bankers accused Central Bank to encourage banks to Iranian & Arabic Iraqi account
  33. Observers: dip, Shabibi dinar missed and we fear the continued decline
  34. Iraqi Central Bank: to allow rational and open bank credits starting from Monday
  35. CBI has new plan to raise the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar to start in early June
  36. Expert: adoption of cutting-edge banking technologies leading bank advancement
  37. Problematic dollar
  38. Economic analyst: Government erred forcing Central Bank to non-traded market policy
  39. Central Bank warned of an earthquake in Iraqi economy
  40. June 2013: Secret procedures for recovery of the dinar against the dollar
  41. Glaciology: dollar exchange rate fluctuations are normal and can be processed
  42. Bankers and economists declare death of private sector and demand recovery
  43. The successful initiative of the Central Bank
  44. Central Bank denies putting money in banks, vowing to prosecute the Deputy
  45. Security concerns and politician paid citizens to withdraw their deposits from banks
  46. The Central Bank agreed to extend the immunity of Iraqi assets in America
  47. Central Bank cancels leave for an international company to sell coins
  48. Financial: gradual rise of the dinar against the dollar in the coming days
  49. Governor Central Bank: Bank reserves exceed 80 billion dollars by the end of July
  50. Turki: attempt to repair the central largest auction process against corruption
  51. 24 banks waged, take the initiative to sell dollar at a lower price advertiser
  52. Central Bank supports an electronic control system with border
  53. CBI welcomed decision 3 civil banks sell dollar at a lower price from advertiser
  54. Central Bank safety valve
  55. Finance Committee unveils plan to install the U.S. dollar exchange rate in the market
  56. Finance recommends lifting coordination between gov't & private banks
  57. IQD Prices dropped by thirty dinars in just two hours - Bank of Baghdad
  58. A plan to stabilize the dollar at 1118 dinars
  59. IMF Article IV consultation, and VIII refrence
  60. CB reserves $76B out of Chapter 7 will give us freedom in attracting investment
  61. CB Governor: Bank reserves sufficient to cover next year's budget ceiling
  62. Central Governor "Obelisk": we have the largest gold stocks foreign currency
  63. Money Iraq: Red damaged for adults and for retirees
  64. Central Bank: raise zeros from the currency still delayed
  65. Finance Parliamentary: Central Bank behind delete zeros project postponement
  66. parl. econ demands Central Bank "to speed up" deleting zeros from currency to keep it
  67. Financial: steps to preserve the dinar exchange rate
  68. Mehma Khalil called Central Bank currency structure project
  69. 07-07-2013 dinar news!!!
  70. Econ Cmte Member: Central Bank set a new rate of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar
  71. Abtan: political probs would not affect delete zeros after coming out of Chapter VII
  72. Finance parliamentary rule to delete zeros from currency during current period
  73. Central Bank Governor promises bright future for Iraqis
  74. 07-11-2013 it is coming!!!
  75. Economist: expanded trade led to fluctuation of dinar against dollar
  76. Economist: delete the zeros is not appropriate at this time
  77. Reduce selling dollars in cash contributed to the stability of dinar
  78. Economic: deletion of zeros from currency will disrupt State budget
  79. Government action to support dinar exchange rate not interference in CBI policy
  80. dinar will become desirable internationally after Iraq departure from Chapter VII
  81. Parliamentary advocates economic speedy delete zeros from currency
  82. Econ. Parl: current currency not worthy in Iraq .. zeros deletion is an urgent need
  83. Project to delete the zeros disabled political will!!
  84. Iraq & Turkey discuss exch rate ctl mechanisms & procedures against offending banks
  85. «Parliamentary» proposes financial delete zeros next year
  86. Agreement in principle on development of banking control authority
  87. Are there currency dinar really?
  88. Parl. Fin. Member: IQD exchange rate will see significant improvement against USD
  89. Concerned: the banking sector with the old legislation did not match change
  90. The IMF recommended that Iraq release the Forex market
  91. The dollar is dying
  92. CBI calls for parl. econ. support to private banks to encourage domestic investment
  93. Iraqi Officials Divided Over Dinar 'Reset'
  94. Parliament: Iraqi banks funded armed groups
  95. CBI in a strong position and can maintain the value of the dinar
  96. Foreign banks consider investment in the banking sector
  97. Auction sale of the currency continue to embezzle millions
  98. Global report criticizes Central Bank described Iraq economy "the flounder"
  99. Bank marks a threat to development and security implications like "Chapter VII"
  100. Sentence of imprisonment for one year on the senior Central Bank
  101. Iraq looks to foreign investments by $32 billion
  102. Iraqi economic appearance of Mohamed Saleh: 2014 not suitable for Exchange
  103. Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rate Linked To Oil Exports, Federal Reserves
  104. Financial: a more stable exchange rate & date to delete zeros on Central Bank
  105. MP flood: a delete three zeros currency is of no value if useful to Iraqi dinar
  106. Cabinet agrees to convert purchase amount of dinar to dollar at Central Bank
  107. Calls for economic reforms before delete zeros currency
  108. Iraq: financial representative confirms deletion of zeros from currency early 2014
  109. Financial: relative improvement of IQD against USD to make some States want to deal
  110. Secretary Hadi: we must address debt and frozen funds before passing delete zeros
  111. Central Bank calls for foreign banks to develop its work in Iraq
  112. Ahmed barihy of candidates for post of Governor of Central Bank rather than Turkish
  113. Expert: banking sector lacks methods of modern technology
  114. Iraqi Central Bank Governor, the Hungarian Ambassador to discuss cooperation
  115. Central Bank achieves its oversight role on corporate banking
  116. Specialist: tight monetary policy means the stability of the exchange market
  117. calls to establish supreme body to monitor work of Government and private banks
  118. CBI Governor & French Ambassador joint cooperation serve Iraq economy, banking system
  119. CBI: increase oil prices lifted foreign currencies & gold reserves to $80 Billion
  120. Bank: "chunked" banking will be developed according to modern technology
  121. Al-Saadi urges to give banks greater trading currency
  122. Specialist: reforms in euro zone not impact directly on Iraqi economy
  123. Bankers: higher cash reserve enhances the value of the dinar
  124. Crude oil sales in local currency
  125. CBI Unveils measures to cover nat'l currency against USD, asserts: can't defeat IQD
  126. Economists Divided Over Deletion Of Zeros on Iraqi Dinar
  127. Central Bank with company Western Union financial services business in Iraq
  128. Evaluation of Banking Conference
  129. The Central Bank's response and explain journal
  130. Deleting zeros from the currency fears Baghdad Stock Exchange
  131. CBI Governor participates in annual meetings with IMF & World Bank in Washington
  132. CBI attributed scarcity in valid banknotes to weak "mechanism" to receive damaged
  133. parlliamt'ry economy calls for telephone banking project liza for banking transactio
  134. Omitting zeros currency seniors by the Government
  135. Central Bank: inflation in Iraq is scary, lower than neighboring countries
  136. Finc'l expert: national currency power exists of country's polit'l & econ stability
  137. Central Bank: we strive for a balanced ratio of gold with foreign exchange reserves
  138. The economic status of Government need to unlink the Iraqi dinar to the dollar
  139. Finance Cmte Member: CBI use increase in cash reserve to support dinar exchange rate
  140. Economic center calls for delinking the Iraqi dinar to the dollar
  141. The economic status of Government need to unlink the Iraqi dinar to the dollar
  142. Economists: cannot unlink dollar from Iraqi dinar
  143. bank expert rule out successful IQD/USD disengagement being linked to global system
  144. Empowers Minister of finance & CBI Governor powers to settle Egypt & Jordan debts
  145. Excluding the 12 banks were private sector of daily currency auctions
  146. Expert: lack of currency of the class small due to the unwillingness of banks to deal
  147. GOI authorizes MoF and CBI authority to lend to the Islamic Development Bank
  148. Parl'y Fin Mmbr: need to facilitate sale of hard currency to support dinar stability
  149. The decision to lift banks capital and merger is the perfect solution
  150. Parliamentary Committee: banking need modern technologies
  151. The Association of private banks refuse a body concerned with private banking sector
  152. Expert: Iraq will be affected by the rising euro zone limited
  153. Financial: Central Bank sales declined to affect the country's economic situation
  154. Financial representative calls for CBI to maintain dinar value against hard currency
  155. Sentenced to eight months for the eight leading Central Bank convicted of corruption
  156. Choose Iraq award Bank 2014
  157. Central signs contract to develop retail and payment using credit card by phone
  158. Image: governance supports the requirements of the banking industry
  159. proposes to invest portion of hard currency cash reserve in portfolios guaranteed
  160. Central Bank denies finc'l repr'tve report delete zeros from currency early (2014)
  161. Financial: Central Bank informed lifted zeros currency beginning 2014
  162. Finance Committee: banking sector in Iraq with the old traditional methods
  163. Smart answer: local currency bond issuance would improve the value of the Iraqi dinar
  164. Expert: reducing effects parallel market contributes to exchange rate stability
  165. Add funds to DFI cash reserve flying the dinar value
  166. High inflation levels, Bank: delete zeros from currency would not address econ crisis
  167. Central Bank announced its intention to issue coins and currencies of the existing
  168. Central Bank will make next year 50 thousand dinars coins smaller by Arabic & kurdish
  169. Banking laws
  170. Monetary policy risks in Iraq and required correction.Dr. Raad Twigg
  171. Central: the envelope is not appropriate to delete zeros from currency
  172. Economist: raising zeros remedial action to facilitate transfer and currency account
  173. Central Bank calls for a review of laws on banks and Bank and money laundering
  174. The Central Bank decides to exclude banks under its 250 billion dinars on Basra
  175. Central Bank Governor: there is one more reason to reconsider banking legislation
  176. Central Bank: foreign exchange reserves have more than 88 billion dollars
  177. Expert: increasing cash reserves will not bear fruit soon.
  178. Fin'l rep. calls for Central Bank to wait with its decision a (50) thousand dinars
  179. «Central» Iraqi plans to radically change its laws
  180. Central allows companies to buy and sell currency entering Basra
  181. The Central Bank stressed the foreign banks to open branches in Baghdad first
  182. Al-Rikabi: deleting zeros raise the value of the dinar against the dollar
  183. Economists: the need to issue coins for small groups
  184. Corporate Banking: Central Bank controlled by routine and procedures where the ghaben
  185. CBI Gov'r with Italian Amb'r to develop banking & ways Italian banks to enter Ira
  186. Economist: time is right to apply the delete three zeros currency
  187. Economist warns of currency substitution and deletion of zeroes in current stage
  188. The Central Bank of Iraq undo delete zeros and issuing a new currency
  189. CBI reverses zeros deletion, issuing currency, $100 editions confuse Iraq money mkt
  190. High limit interest rates attracting investments
  191. Migrate project delete zeros to the next Government
  192. Economists: currently not suitable to replace the Iraqi currency
  193. Econ rep Announces zeros removal deferral to next parliamentary session
  194. Delete the zeros. Eliminate fraud and supporting the national economy
  195. Change banking would encourage savings and attract investment
  196. CBI plans to hold its annual Conference in Dubai next month to attract foreign banks
  197. Jurisdiction: local banks contributed to dinar stability against dollar
  198. parliamentary financial attributes delete zeros delay to hard currency control
  199. Information on the issuance of a new Iraqi currency. Soon
  200. The Central Bank has notice from the Bank for international settlements on parting
  201. Expectations to raise zeros from the currency early 2015
  202. Government in coordination with the Central Bank
  203. int'l econ expert: IQD delete zeros restructuring does not delay economy
  204. Acceptance of cash deposit in BIS the usefulness of Iraq achieved
  205. CBI reserve funds of companies and people for suspicious financial transactions
  206. The Finance Committee excluded the three zeros deleted project over next two years
  207. Analyst: deleting zeroes, dinar need political decision
  208. Experts: delete zeros draft needs to be catalysts for success
  209. The Central Bank increased em threatens monetary policy balanhi r
  210. Anyone Ever Heard Of This "very secure location" ? ?
  211. High proportion of counterfeit currency on deposit at the Central Bank
  212. CBI is accepting new deposits BIS "gain" and calls for comprehensive development
  213. Al Rafidain and Rasheed take part in an International Conference
  214. Central Bank calls for Australian banks to open branches in Iraq
  215. Call for exchange rate stability in the reconstruction of the economy
  216. Specialists advise applying delete zeros rather than its large groups version
  217. Financial representative Government to send the new Banking Act
  218. The Central Bank decides to "seek gold bullion" to sell to investors and society
  219. Owners of banks and exchange offices are critical of the policy of the Central Bank
  220. development policy Institute, discusses banking system crisis, Saud e Baghdad Suha al
  221. Kadhim Al-shammari: CBI actions valid & should support to maintain market stability
  222. The Central Bank of Iraq: half a trillion dinars funding accounts for Iraqi banks
  223. Deputy: the influence of speculators and non-discreet banks overwhelmed Iraqi market
  224. Reduce dollarization a means of monetary policy reform
  225. Association of private banks: we are coordinating with CBI to control dinar stability
  226. Abadi: fears of fraud and money laundering, delay raise zeros from currency process
  227. Parliamentary Committee: we cannot interfere with monetary policy until elections end
  228. Econ Affairs approves Cmte recommd'n for info exchange on movement of currency sold
  229. Parl'ty Fin Cmte recom'ds CBI assumption of Government banks sell foreign currency
  230. Experts: delete the zeros of its dinar against the dollar and price policy
  231. Assoc of private banks; dinar fall against dollar is limited & recovery soon
  232. Counterfeit currency. Spread again!!
  233. arrest of former Deputy Governor of Central Bank in Baghdad airport
  234. Financial: Government may have to borrow from Central Bank to pay March salaries
  235. Deputy: political actors visiting the Iraqi currency in neighboring States
  236. Financial: economic and political conditions are not appropriate to delete zeros
  237. Financial: there is no legal basis allowing withdrawals from CBI reserves
  238. An Iraqi diplomat: Washington rejects zero dinar and companies the biggest loser
  239. The Commission expects the dollar's rise because of the delay in budget
  240. See photos of Iraqi currency since it began centuries ago to the present
  241. Central Bank currency auctions sales exceeded the $288 billion since 2003 to date
  242. Market between banks do the banking sector
  243. Proposal to merge small banks Development Bank shareholder composition
  244. You will delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency off the rigged?!
  245. The Central Bank with private banks increase their capital mechanisms
  246. The Central Bank ordered to pay February of Kurdistan
  247. Economist: rise of economy of Iraq lies in rise of private banking sector
  248. Central Bank seeks to stabilize Iraqi dinar against US dollar
  249. call for private banks to merger that are cannot raise capital to 250 billion dinars
  250. Dr. Sinan Al-Shabibi: Why you should not use CBI reserves in treating budget deficit?