View Full Version : Abadi wants the everyone to know, full steam ahead.

03-17-2015, 11:47 PM
Abadi wants the everyone to know, full steam ahead.

Urgent: PM prepares for Economic Reformations

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Baghdad (AIN)-A source from the Prime Minister Office revealed that the PM Haider Al-Abadi is preparing for economic reformation and simultaneously supervising the Command of Security Operations directly to liberate all the towns of Iraq which are invaded by the terrorists of the ISIL.

The source told AIN that AL-Abadi is now stepping some steps, the first one is to liberate the invaded towns by the ISIL, then rebuild them and getting the families back their home, the second one is putting a strategic economic plans to improve the difficult life of the people through activating the private sector, the governmental companies, the agricultural field, benefiting from the livestock resource and other investment projects, the last one is the reformation in the governmental institutions and buildings through facing the corruption and introducing the best service to the citizens."

The source added that "There are many challenges that face the country, security and financial which can be seen in the decrease of the income but Abadi insists that the country will cross this difficulty through putting many strategies to all sectors whether financial or military because he is the leader of the armed forces."

"Abadi works day and night to put the country on the right line because of the previous heavy accumulations and also tries to get rid of them hoping positive affairs for the people in the following days," the source continued.

"Abadi continuously meets with the cabinet encouraging them to introduce reformations the he wants and closely monitors the work of the ministries and the institutions," the source confirmed.

"It is an invitation to cooperate with Al-Abadi to settle the political, security and finical difficulties to move to the rebuilding and citizens prosperity," the source concluded.