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03-17-2015, 10:50 PM
Government asserts the sovereignty of Iraq and the renewed international and regional obligations


3/18/2015 0:00
BAGHDAD - morning,
the Cabinet decided to wait to work with paragraphs objectionable from the general budget until the resolution of the case law, and as agreed to open educational college Cancel, the price of the armed forces efforts and popular crowd, reiterated Iraq's commitment to its relations with the international coalition and regional cooperation.

This was part of a group decisions resulted Cabinet usual No. 11 for 2015 session held yesterday in Baghdad, headed by the Prime Minister, Dr. Haider al-Abadi.

A statement issued by the Information Office of the Prime Minister, «morning» received a copy of that «the Council agreed to issue a statement praises the Iraqi armed forces and fighters efforts the popular crowd and confirms Iraq's commitment to its relations with the international coalition and regional cooperation in general terrorist threats with respect Iraq's sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq, praising the high coordination between security and local forces, and the necessity of harmony between political positions and military positions and aspects of humanity which should reflect a unified position on the domestic and international levels ».

The Cabinet also decided to wait to work with paragraphs objected to the federal budget for the 2015 law until the resolution of the case, noting that it «is not to issue instructions to paragraphs Interceptor obtained from the relevant ministries and suspended (FAQ) in the event of issuance until the resolution of the case above». According to The statement also, it has «to agree to cancel paragraph (3) of the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (91) for the year 2015 and replaced by the following (taken Ministry of Health following measures to facilitate the application of dissolved Revolutionary Command Council Resolution No. 204 of 2002, through the adoption of examination certificates immunodeficient issued by other countries in the adoption of health certificate for expatriate foreign provided that it has passed more than (90) days from the date of issuance, and the formation of working groups of immune deficiency in the Ministry of Health Centers for the purpose of orientation about the whereabouts of foreign arrivals in investment companies or in contracted companies as determined by the ministries for the purpose of drawing blood from covered checks immunodeficient and give them the results within their whereabouts and through coordination with the health departments in the provinces / immunodeficient centers, including the provinces of Kurdistan region of Iraq, and the exclusion of foreign expatriates working in the international oil companies contracting with the Ministry of Oil from the requirement to provide immunodeficient certificates. »

The cabinet approved the recommendation of the Committee on Economic Affairs on the Ministry of Finance to negotiate with the French Development Agency (AFD) in order to reach the activation of the loan granted to the IAEA earlier, according to the terms of the new loan to finance the project (Cote - Ptirh) for the Ministry of water resources of the Federal and the draft integrated management of water resources in the basin of the Great Zab for the Ministry of Water Resources and Agriculture in Iraq's Kurdistan region, taking into account that the Kurdistan region of Iraq by the share (17 percent) of the value of the loan to improve irrigation and development of electric power production system (dammed or dams) and set up stores of agricultural products and the delivery of water for residential complexes, in coordination with the Federal Ministry of Water Resources, within the project of integrated water resources management in the Zab basin according to the constitution.

The face of the Council and the Ministry of Finance in coordination with the Ministry of Health firing (five million dollars) from the budget contingency for the year 2015 to Ministry of Health, for the purpose of providing emergency prevention and control of seasonal flu needs.
He agreed to the draft ratification of the Republic of Iraq to the Statute of the Council of the Arab Peace and Security, signed by the Republic of Iraq in Khartoum on 29/03/2006 Act, which entered into force on 19/6 / 2007, and referred to the House of Representatives, according to the provisions of Articles (61 / I and item 80 / item II) of the Constitution.

It also approved a bill to cancel the Open Educational College Act, the auditor of the State Council, and forwarded to the House of Representatives, according to the provisions of Articles (61 / item I) and (80 / second item) of the Constitution, taking into consideration the opinion of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, and delete Article 3 of the draft and amend Article 4 as follows) holds the Ministries of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Education, the distribution of teaching staffs of the campaign MA and PhD and staff of the college between the two ministries.)
and authorized the Council of Ministers and Minister of Labour and Social Affairs the power to accept Mrs. (Amani Mohammed) Moroccan nationality at the nursing home in the province of Najaf because of the circumstances of humanity, according to the provisions of Article (2 / second item) of the Care Act Social No. (126) for the year 1980 average.