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22 foreign funds to invest in the stock market

22 foreign funds to invest in the stock market

Rubaie: development of the economy begin including

Refer Executive Director of the Iraqi market for securities reasons for the low market value in the Iraq Stock Exchange in 2014 by 17 percent and decrease this value by (18 percent) in 2015, the market value in 2014, partly due to low liquidity and poor performance of the banking sector, being based on the foreign exchange and trade finance and the issuance of letters of guarantee operations. capital promised Executive Director of the Stock Exchange Taha Ahmed al-Rubaie in his "morning" to increase funds listed companies' capital by underwriting and capitalization of profits and reserves (4,632) trillion share in 2013 to (5.675) trillion shares in 2014 of the most prominent low market value factors, pointing out that the market traded stock prices influenced by increasing annual capital since the year 2012 to the end of 2014, which was an average of trillion shares annually.

He noted al-Rubaie, the importance of establishing investment funds by Iraqi banks vacation from the Central Bank of Iraq, noting that since the year 2008 until today there are (22) Investment Fund foreigners invest in the market as opposed to the absence of any Iraqi investment fund. Support the companies suggested Rubaie support joint-stock companies and study the proposals and production constraints which, as well as the development of services in accordance with the charge for companies to apply annual plans accompanied by government subsidies represented the protection of the national product and enable it to compete with foreign products, which wasted a lot of hard currency, pointing out that it works on crystallization and cemented the private sector.

Investment activity and reported that, in order cemented Activity investment securities and attract national and foreign savings has to be a clear action plan to address the existing imbalances and start economic reform and cemented private sector activity, which is possible to take shape through the central bank to stop the decision to increase the companies' capital, especially in the sector Almusrfa.wardv saying accompanied by allowing banks investment reserve ratio by accepting mortgage investor shares to meet annual interest to create a liquidity-oriented investment and increased demand, not to mention the need to hold accountable corporations because of the poor manage their money and to bring the offenders in their personal capacity to administrative and specialist courts and not to expose the company to fines and administrative sanctions, including the suspended trading of its shares and the in order to gain the confidence of investors, he said. investment portfolios as al-Rubaie, proposed the development of investment regulations for investment portfolios and to encourage banks and companies with surplus on the employment part of the provided financial investment in the market to enhance the depth of the market Market depth and continued to approach the equilibrium price, especially when the incidence of low or high unjustified and regulation mechanisms of Market Makers. of listed companies and the need to be accompanied by an exemption listed in Iraq Stock Exchange companies from taxes for a period of two years (2015-2016) in order to achieve the yield and yield and achieve acceptable profit share Aluahd.wachar Rubaie said This will enhance the value of the stock in the market and the market value of the total shares.

It will also work on the inclusion of companies in the market and increase the depth of the market, not to mention the importance of allowing banks to invest a percentage of the reserve by accepting mortgage investor shares to meet annual interest to create a liquidity-oriented investment and increased demand. It should be noted that the market value means the multiplication of capital in the closing share price, where the decline in current stock prices appear variously depending on the movement of trading them.

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