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04-09-2015, 08:49 PM
Update to my expereince with Xchange. I went to the office near me. I got information for any of you who want to send 50 dinar notes in. I suggest you overnight it as they won't accept them after April 15. I am copying the following from a note they gave me.

Free 50 Dinar Note Exchange

Our corporate power house Xchange of America will be exchanging all Iraqi Dinar 50 denomination notes FREE of CHARGE, as a coutesy to all Dinar holders worldwide. They have April 1st as a deadline, but the guy told me they will accept up to April 15th.

1. Go register at www.xchangeofamerica.com (http://www.xchangeofamerica.com) as a new customer.

2. Write a letter requesting to become a client of XOA (giving you access to all 9 locations nationwide and our products and sevices) & include the LETTER with your currency you are turning in.

3. Send your currency to us (along with letter) and RETURN ADDRESS. Currency must be sent by a trackable method. Without letter, currency will be rejected. Send to our corporate office at the following address:

819 S Federal Highway
Suite 100
Stuart Fl 34994

4. We will exchange your 50 notes for 250, 500, 1000, 5000, 10,000, & 25,000 FREE of charge. XOA will round to closest note or denomination (NO CUSTOM REQUESTS)

5. Your new notes will be mailed out (Please give 2 weeks for processing and receiving)

6. If you are already an XOA customer please make sure you indicate so when you send your 50 notes in.

Xchange of America is doing this for all Dinar holders worldwide. NO matter where you bought your 50 notes from. We are doing this as a worldwide "Good Will" gesture.

We welcome you in advance to the Xchange of America Family, the most powerful currency exchange brand in America.

Robert Hoffman President and Founder. Toll Free: (888)-7-XOA-XOA

They will exchange for even face value. They are being swamped with 50 Dinar notes so it may take a little time. That's why I suggest you overnight your package. You have until April 15th. As of May 1st, 50 Dinar notes will be worthless. I hope this information helps everyone out