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04-21-2015, 07:51 AM
Parliamentary Finance demanding the government to adopt the smart card in the payment of salaries


Parliamentary Finance Committee (http://www.alibris.com/search/books/isbn/9781274614933) demanded, on Monday, the Iraqi government to implement the smart card system in the pay of state employees, while confirming that the smart card adoption reduces corruption and reveals the staff "aliens".

A member of the parliamentary finance committee pros Ahamdon in an interview for the "long" "TheFinance Committee is working on the application of smart card for payment of salaries to the staff of the state system in order to reduce the size of corruption, in addition to the disclosure of the staff (aliens) who are in the ministries," indicating that "some Ministries began working smart card system, including the Education and Displacement and Migration and Finance, some ministries did not start applying the system. "

It added that "the Finance Committee (http://www.alibris.com/search/books/isbn/9781274614933) will discuss how to activate the work of institutions smart card system through the formation of an ad hoc committee on this matter," adding that "the application of payroll system through the smart card is through the Minister's decision whereby the distribution of salaries this way version, and it is not the prerogative of the Finance Committee (http://www.alibris.com/search/books/isbn/9781274614933) ".

She called Ahamdon all ministries and government institutions to "apply the smart card system in all institutions."
For his part, the other member of the Committee Haitham al-Jubouri said the "long" The committee directed to "use card (ironing Card) regardless displaced salaries," calling on the Ministry of Finance said that "proceed with the application of this project, both for the displaced or employees."
He said al-Jubouri said that "the adoption of smart card project in the distribution of salaries is a matter of executive government bears responsibility," adding that "if the project was presented to our committee, we strongly support him."

He said al-Jubouri, the "smart card adoption in the distribution of salaries will reveal aliens, reveals duplication salary and provide financial liquidity for banks because employees will not receive their salaries, all in the same day, providing financial liquidity over the month," stressing that "the general budget included the subject of open current accounts for each staff, which is one of the proposals that we continue to finance the committee and we raised to the Ministry of Finance for the purpose of implementation, but the ministry has not responded yet. "

For his part, Finance Committee (http://www.alibris.com/search/books/isbn/9781274614933) member Hossam punitive told the "term" that "smart card adoption in salary payments for the project is a modern and sophisticated project," noting that "in the event of the application of this system will get rid of the many pitfalls in the salaries of staff distribution, and can each employee receiving a salary within the geographical area inhabited by them, in addition to the elimination of routine procedures, as well as streamline the distribution of salaries. "

He punitive: "The smart card project will eliminate corruption and reveals the names Phantom of the staff, and will depend this card as the identity and significance of the employee," and urged the Cabinet to "application smart card law as soon as possible in order to eliminate cases of corruption and reduce red tape."

It is noteworthy that the smartcard in the Iraq regime began the end of 2008, to facilitate the payment of salaries and monthly deduction fits the card holder out (http://www.bradfordexchangechecks.com/products/1800240014-.html?epm=img-PPC_BOGO-home&BECT_CODE=15237XFH&cm_ven=Affiliates&cm_cat=CJ&cm_pla=ProductCatalog&cm_ite=1800240014) of his salary so that he can save the rest in his account, and includes an integrated personal benefit from the elimination of fraud in the receipt of salary information, and adopted two years card In the past two pensions of civilian, military and covered by social protection network distribution.

The company offers (Ki-card service) to withdraw money through credit from government banks and smart cards and benefit from the services of many social groups that charge using the company paid cards such as the staff of a number of institutions, retirees and journalists.

It is said that the smart card based on personal footprint bearer and includes an integrated Personal Information benefit in eliminating fraud in receipt of salaries, and in facilitating the payment of salaries and monthly deduction fits the card holder out (http://www.bradfordexchangechecks.com/products/1800240014-.html?epm=img-PPC_BOGO-home&BECT_CODE=15237XFH&cm_ven=Affiliates&cm_cat=CJ&cm_pla=ProductCatalog&cm_ite=1800240014) of his salary so that he can rest in a savings account.