View Full Version : Central bank: Iraq withdrawal worth two billion dollars IMF April 27, 2015

04-28-2015, 01:41 AM
Central bank: Iraq withdrawal worth two billion dollars IMF

April 27, 2015

Central bank: Iraq withdrawal worth two billion dollars from the International Monetary The governor of the Central Bank and the Agency on the Keywords, the Special Drawing Rights granted to the countries participating in the International Monetary Fund and including Iraq, is estimated at two billion dollars, noting that the Fund did not lend Iraq up to the minute.

And between Keywords in a press statement I followed news agency Buratha today that “the IMF is currently considering providing a loan of $ 800 million for Iraq, and this amount is modest.” He said, “Iraq is a member contributor to the International Monetary Fund, is entitled to borrow money on favorable terms and very few benefits,” pointing out that “the central bank can not lend to the government any money because the law does not allow it.”

And he called on the General Coordinator of the Network economists Iraqis Superficial inch, earlier, for dialogue between the central bank and the private sector, especially traders, to agree on a contingency plan and a national face of declining oil revenues, the development of standards to audit the import requests and identified as necessary and important, national necessarily and convince them to reduce the value of the Iraqi dinar, because they have to lobby influential rejects devaluation, calling for the central bank to resume publication of demand for the dollar and the amount of data met, whatever the mechanism in place, because the central stopped publishing data currency auction disrupted as analysts and reduced transparency.

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