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05-01-2015, 11:55 PM
Baghdad succeed to establish the first global travel market


After the wide participation of Arab and foreign companies

Baghdad Ali Farah conciliator pumice

Baghdad has succeeded by creating the first global travel market after the participation of more than 30 regional and Arab companies and foreign travel and tourism in the first tourism forum, which concluded its work yesterday, amid calls economists to put a development strategy for the sector. He said tourist groups department in the Ministry of Tourism director Mahmoud Abdul-Jabbar "morning": that the forum is a quantum leap in the level of way promotion and marketing in the country, as it happens in developed countries, through the establishment of the global travel market.

He pointed to the existence of a project to set up forums similar in the Baghdad International Fair in order to attract the largest number of travel and tourism companies Alaalmih.bdorh, forum Hussein al-Maliki, an official in a statement the "morning" confirmed the participation of more than 30 travel company and tourism, including Arab and foreign countries, as well as commissioners managers global companies have chosen to Baghdad as the first Arab interface had to.
Exchange of experiences

He noted that the importance of the forum lies in the exchange of experiences between the Iraqi and Arab companies and foreign counterparts including reflected positively on the economic reality and the tourism sector, noting that the establishment of the forum will be an annual tradition. In the same regard, between Samir Sabbatical Chairman of the Board of Uruk Tourism Investment Company in a statement the "morning" the participation of a large number of Arab and foreign companies, including Turkish, Lebanese, Jordanian and UAE and Bahrain, Indian and Belarusian and Ahiawlh and Czech in the forum, which will conclude its work today, noting that the goal of the forum to break the barrier of fear Some companies that suspended flights to Baghdad, along with the creation of investment opportunities between the Iraqi and foreign companies through direct negotiations that have been out between the two parties.
Gateway to interact

For its part, promised an economic expert d. Akram Abdel Aziz this forum spite of the difficult situation faced by the country and the consequences of terrorism, which cast a shadow over the economic and social aspects, "Gateway to interact" with countries in general to deepen links with civilizations and other cultures and openness to the world through the Iraqi citizens and expatriates to Iraq, as well as the expansion of investment opportunities between local companies and Alajunbah.oadavc Abdul Aziz in her statement the "morning" that the event is to support the march of investment and especially tourism investment, as it gives a positive image and a basic pillar governing relations between countries through tourism perspective.
She also called for the development of a strategy for tourism development and promote transportation and organized this kind of forums, as well as promoting and supporting small and medium-sized craft projects, including projects that promote civilizational and cultural heritage of Iraq, as in the countries of the world.
Weekly flights

At the same level, the regional director of the "Arab" to fly the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates Akram Alasmaeil expressed in a statement the "morning" was pleased to participate in the forum, which is considered a window to define the local market for companies of Iraqi travel company and increase cooperation with them in order to resolve any problematic may face trips Company to Iraq.
And promising market

He added that the company currently operates 18 trip to Iraq a week, including 4 to Baghdad airport and the same to Arbil airport and 7 flights to Najaf airport and another three to Basra airport, with an intention to increase during the current year, confirming the presence of a growing demand from Iraqis to travel, especially during the past three the last, as it is the Iraqi market of the most important Arab markets to fly.