View Full Version : Iraq will make revaluation till the end of 2015

05-03-2015, 05:38 AM
There are lots of predictions regarding the Revaluation of IraqiDinar and lots of changes inked with the dinar. Many financial experts areimportant]thinking over the idea to important change the currency of important dinar very soon, according to the Iraqi officials, Iraqi dinar will get back its value very soon; paperwork is going on, heads of all financial institutions are thinking deeply to find out a smart solution in order to make this process simple and convenient. These days, Iraq is recovering from the devastating economic conditions due to the destruction of infrastructure and bad political condition and continued Iraq war. If we thoroughly review the currency then we find out that Iraqi dinar was one of the high value important]currencies of Iraq, and this currency had possessed an international status. The value of the Iraqi dinar, nowadays, is 1167 Iraqi dinars per USD; experts predict the revaluation to take place in 2015.Iraqi dinar revaluation has now become the major plans for the Iraq, and the government of Iraq wants thisrevelation at the end of 2015. Government officials say that the government of Iraq will make revaluation till the end of 2015, and this revolution will be enough to support the realities which are in the air these days. According to the first plan, the government wants to reinforce the currency first so as to stable the dinar. After revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar, value of Iraqi dinar is expected to reach the value i.e. 0.86 USD per Iraqi dinar. The present value of the dinar is 1167 dinars per USD. That day will become a good day in the diner when this currency will become a currency with more value. There are lots of expectations that after the Iraqi dinar revaluation, Iraqi dinar would come equal to the level of USD.