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05-08-2015, 10:25 PM
“Altoman Iranian” drown the Iraqi currency market Iranian currency

‘Altoman’ ranked third in the exchange of Iraqi currency market, especially in Baghdad and the cities of southern Iraq, after the Iraqi dinar and the US dollar, to displace the Jordanian dinar, which was the preferred time to close in the Iraqi market after the US currency. And combined several political and economic reasons for the advance of Iranian Altoman and drowned commercial transactions in most cities of the South, most notably the spare land route with Jordan, and stop trade between the two countries, and the adoption of Iraq on trade with Iran mainly,

especially food and vegetables that come on a daily basis. Also contributed to the recovery of the Iranian currency, raising Iraq access to the Iranians visa allowing them to enter the country for the purposes of trade, residence or religious tourism unconditionally, as well as the optimism of traders to lift the sanctions soon from Iran and the start of motivation to buy Altoman and storage in the hope of higher value. According to the expert in the Baghdad Stock Exchange, Riad agent, in a statement to the

‘current political power of Iran in Iraq was reflected clearly on the financial currency in the country, but the dollar is still the strongest in the trade, I do not think that Altoman will rise more than the current rank, where he Third in the currency arrangement in Iraq ‘. Said Hussein Ali, the owner of a working in the field of travel and religious tourism in the special permit office that ‘Iraq is featuring the largest Iranian community in the country, due to the removal of entrance fees (visa), adding to travel to Iraq size, especially religious shrines considered relevant Great for tourism, especially in the provinces of Najaf, Karbala, Baghdad and followed, left untouched because of religious shrines’. He added that the number of Iranians residing in Iraq up to about 250 thousand people, the largest community in Iraq, pointing out that the religious Iranian tourism companies largely dominate the commercial movement of

this kind of tourism, which has become the currency of Iran imposes its presence and become an important part of tourist traffic and processes of buying and selling. He pointed out that ‘language is other now impose its presence on the business dealings in the southern provinces, as the Persian language spoken by a large proportion of Iraqi society in those provinces, and is the second language in the trade and economic transactions for sellers or even vehicle owners’. For his part, he said Iraqi economist, Ahmed Ali said ‘Altoman Iranian impose itself through trade between the two countries, thus raising the value of the deal done in Iraq. ” Ali added that the ‘Iraqi traders have sinned in the granting of Iranians

dollar match imported from Iran of goods, while the Iranians shorten their dealings in Iraq on Altoman and Barvouna in hotels, markets and restaurants, at a time when Iran does not accept the Iraqi currency in the country the dollar and imposes too, and this is not fair’. He pointed out that Altoman Iranian distracted in the Iraqi market separately from the global value because of the Iranian political pressure on the regime in Iraq, pointing out that the $ 100 globally acted B290 Toman, while the disposal of

Iraq’s 300 Toman and more, while corresponding to each 130 thousand Iraqi dinars 290 tomans , which is strange and incomprehensible equation, there are major retailers close to Iran impose this pattern for some time. Although Iraqi officials perceive that religious tourism is a tributary financially and diversification of the sources of income next to Iraq’s oil revenues, but this file is now irks many Iraqis, after the acquisition of Iranian companies in this sector and the imposition of local currency on commercial dealings.

A member of the Committee of Tourism and Antiquities in the Iraqi parliament, Hussein Sharifi, said that ‘religious tourism between Iraq and Iran is one of the most important economic activities, but Iran in control of this file in terms of transport and renting hotels and impose price you want it away from any government intervention, what It makes the most traded currency after the Iraqi dinar and the US dollar. ”