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Specialized lending banks to finance projects
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CBI seeks to stimulate the private banking sector through the removal of private banks from speculating in dollars and support the provision of mechanisms strengthen its activity and increase profits which would get the economy moving and directing them to take a real role in development. In this context, the process, said Central Bank Governor Dr. Ali Keywords: The coming days will witness the return of banking activity the economy and the Warka after the completion of raising the central tutelage them measures. He said in a statement the "morning" the banking sector where the future and the trading of exaggerations in the conditions of these banks are exaggerations improper where we hear every now and then there are banks under guardianship because of hardship or bankruptcy. lifting guardianship and stressed that this is not accurate we do not have only one bank is now under the custody of "Bank of the economy" and soon will finish this stage to return to his work as well as the Warka Bank who had got the problems and now began to re-position and the bank Central (http://www.alibris.com/search/books/isbn/9781270679714) studying now with the Department of the Bank of ways to promote it. The governor stressed that the central bank stimulates the private banking sector and the private banks to exercise their activities in accordance with international standards, and the fact that modern majority they need to care and support from the central bank. While Nbadha the speculative dollar we have been working to compensate this aspect and provide other tools can strengthen its role and increase its activities and profits, pointing out that the central process of doing a set of procedures as well as put forward proposals adopted by the Bank in the Economic Committee (http://www.alibris.com/search/books/isbn/9781288408030) of the Council of Ministers and have been endorsed and acceptance they contribute to upgrading the role of these banks. government deposits and continued relationship was for banks restricted role in the granting of letters of credit to a certain extent now we raised the ceiling of this authority to grant such credits, pointing out that the central coordinate with the Ministry of Finance to obtain approval to accept the idea that the private banks can receiving government deposits, and dealing with the fees instruments that pay to the private banking system as it now does not accept the government transactions. He noted that the law guarantee deposits will be discussed soon in the House of Representatives will lift the state of lack of confidence, because this sector is working foundation principle on the issue of public confidence.project funding announced by the Central approval to lend specialized in the fields of housing and construction, industry, agriculture, commercial banks, which continues to this aspect as the bank is working on a very important project marks a turning point and the start of many countries in the world is to finance small and medium enterprises project, Msttrda We are now coordinating with banks to develop a plan in this context, because it is possible to move and stimulate the economy and determine the unemployment in the country and this is one of the strategic projects financed by the central bank of what would contribute to GDP. He stressed that the models that I quoted from some of the world in this successful and encouraging area and must move quickly this There is also a trend that multiple ideas were discussed with private banks to take the national and economic role.

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March 7th..... why has it taken so long for us to see this...... VERY Good News !!! :)

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March 7th..... why has it taken so long for us to see this...... VERY Good News !!! :)this is a repost by the same person,,,Batman originally posted this in march,,, http://www.investorsiraq.com/showthread.php?10104-Specialized-lending-banks-to-finance-projects-%28WARKA%29-03-07-2015

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Hey Warka, Where is my dinar?????