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old joe
12-06-2012, 06:26 AM
[BondLady] good morning all
[BondLady] 1st we will start with some law info
[BondLady] found by timmy and her and shredd will begin there chat per those
[BondLady] ty both
[tlm724] ty BondLady ty
[BondLady] yqw
[tlm724] there has been several arts recently telling us what parl has been working on
[tlm724] and there was a bill being read that caught my attention
[tlm724] “We will also see the session the second reading of a bill accession of the Republic of Iraq to the establishment of the International Islamic Trade Finance”
[tlm724] http://alrayy.com/67832.htm
[tlm724] here is a link to the ITFC http://www.itfc-idb.org/
[tlm724] that of course made me look into this
[tlm724] we would like to share some of the information that was discovered about this organization
[tlm724] shredd will give you indepth opinion but i will start by saying
[tlm724] there 56 countries in the organization on several continents and Iraq is already listed as a member
[tlm724] now as mentioned in the above article they state “accession” into the Trade Finance Org.
[tlm724] imo Iraq is now prepared to implement and take full advantage of the funds and many advantages of this Org.
[Shredd] yes well, let me set the stage a bit for you all
[Shredd] as you know we at BLC focus on the entire picture, not just the dinar but politics economics
[Shredd] the whole picture, right ? so, just like our chat of the banking and investment laws
[Shredd] this accession is huge and I aim to explain this so you walk away knowing some major steps continue to take place
[Shredd] behind the scenes if you will that bring Iraq to a place where they are ready to have a strong dinar in front of them
[Shredd] Ok, this accession of Iraq to the establishment of the International Islamic Trade Finance deserves a bit of explanation for you all.
[Shredd] Trade Finance is the structure behind international trading, so the banks behind the buyer and the seller, obviously the money held and protected by those banks.
[Shredd] the seller, obviously the money held and protected by those banks. International trading refers to obviously importers and exporters but it also includes institutional entities like finance corps and insurance companies……all big dogs in the world of trading folks!
[Shredd] Now, let me explain this entity….
[Shredd] This says the ITFC was formed to consolidate the trade finance business, to increase service delivery efficiency and to enable rapid response to customer needs in a market-driven business environment.
[Shredd] It’s also responsible for providing shariah-compliant trade financing for OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) member countries, with a particular focus on financing intra-trade between member countries. Iraq has been a member since 1975.
[Shredd] Lastly, they strengthen corresponding banking networks among member countries.
[Shredd] So what the heck does that mean? Well, this is an attractive necessity for investors, underwriters and financial institutions.
[Shredd] This tells them that once investments are established, the trading within them will take place safely, timely, efficiently and correctly due to the oversight of the ITFC.
[Shredd] My bank (a massive, global bank) has gained and lost clients/appointments due to the perception of our ability to do this for them and their investment vehicles, so this is deal-making or breaking stuff.
[Shredd] Trading is the life blood of any investment….moreover, timely, efficient and accurate trading. Portfolio managers need to know they can move underlying components of a portfolio at any given moment, largely due to market conditions.
[Shredd] If that can’t happen, the investments will die the moment the market fluctuates which I’m sure you know happens all the time!
[Shredd] If a trade cannot take place strictly as directed, the show is over. Some trades we strike with traders have to be executed to the minute based on rapid market fluctuations.
[Shredd] So, to see this bill being voted on is awesome to see.
[Shredd] This is yet another “behind the scenes” necessity for Iraq to ascend to a place where investment and banking has a safe place to be….just like the banking and investment laws we talked about last week.
[Shredd] Let me tell you this, I have full access to daily global accounts, massive investment vehicles and products and services that cover every single sector.
[Shredd] You may have heard the credentials from other site leaders, commentators and gurus…..I’m not a currency or day trader or a commentator, I’m a VP in a top 3 international bank and have been with them for ten years.
[Shredd] The entire time I’ve been there, Iraq has been non-existent due to what we all know has been taking place there…..and they still are today.
[Shredd] These banking and investment laws, this assention to the ITFC is absolutely necessary for Iraq to emerge among their peers to welcome global investment and to ensure safe banking and trading is in place.
[Shredd] My hope is that when you gain an appreciation of what is all being accomplished, you will see vital progress, not frustrating stagnation.
[Shredd] A big thank you for Miss T finding this and showing you all so much is and has been moving forward.
[Shredd] Don’t be like the rest of the sites and solely focus on the dinar but see what a wonderful “house” being built for the new, stronger dinar, without the three zeros and with a stronger and growing rate!
[Shredd] will this directly bring us an RV tomorrow?
[Shredd] you all aren’t that absent to think as such im sure
[Shredd] but, these all have to have been done to bring Iraq to the place they need to be [Shredd] you all aren’t that absent to think as such im sure
[Shredd] but, these all have to have been done to bring Iraq to the place they need to be
[Shredd] some say the dinar was supposed to have moved by now as far as the monetary policy and the rate
[Shredd] whether it be via a float, or a continued managed float
[Shredd] but it didn’t did it?
[Shredd] why? well, in part, these things had to be in place first…….
[Shredd] so, be excited we find this being done……great, great progress y’all
[Shredd] that’s it for my initial comments Miss T
[tlm724] ty shredd
[BondLady] ty shredd [Shredd] yw, it’s my pleasure and honor
[Shredd] to be a part of this team
[tlm724] BondLady thank you for this oppotunity to present this
[BondLady] ty ms timmy and shredd
[BondLady] great text of good things coming
[BondLady] now this brings us to my part of the chat
[BondLady] which took many efforts to bring it about and id like to thank all involved, one i can’t thank right now but the rest all go to my team of awesome researchers
[BondLady] ty all
[BondLady] 1st
[BondLady] i’m going to do something i never do…repeat a rumor that was told to me …so take it as a rumor please…don’t need to bash, i’ve stated it will be a rumor, but because of things my team and i’ve discovered, there could be some truth to things, and then again there might not be…so again…take it as a rumor…
[BondLady] someone told me the currency was printed in the 1st part of november 2012, and was shipped at the end of nov. 2012…. that being said….then we did some dela rue studies…..,
[BondLady] thanks to our timmy for finding these…this was a stockholders meeting from del a rue….
[BondLady] De La Rue issues profit warning after contract delays By Simon NiasWednesday, 14 November 2012 De La Rue’s share price fell more than 5% on Tuesday after it was forced to cut its full-year earnings guidance in its six-month trading update
[BondLady] The world’s largest banknote printer blamed the profit warning on delays to “a number of significant orders which had been expected and planned for production in the second half of the current financial year”.
[BondLady] De La Rue said that it’s financial results for the current year, which were expected to include earnings before interest, tax and amortisation of £82m would now be “similar to those for 2011/12″ when earnings came in at £63m. Chief executive Tim Cobbold told the Financial Times that “the timing of particular orders is sometimes difficult to predict”

old joe
12-06-2012, 06:27 AM
[BondLady] Shareholders were quick to react to the 23% cut in the firm’s guidance, with 10% initially wiped off De La Rue’s shares before they recovered to close 5.5% down. At the time of writing, De La Rue’s share price was £10.08, down 5.3% on Monday. De La Rue said it was confident the delayed contracts would be received for shipment in 2013/14 and would therefore not adversely impact its plan to achieve an operating profit in excess of £100m in 2013/14.
[BondLady] Meanwhile, the company’s first half sales and operating profit were up, rising 3% to £245m and 5% to £33m respectively. Banknote print volumes were also up 4% at 2.9bn notes, although banknote paper volumes declined 15% to 4,500 tonnes. http://www.printweek.com/news/1159826/
[BondLady] now……we know whos the master of procrastination right? and to see this in print that de la rue lost basically all its 1st half of profits due to…****** The world’s largest banknote printer blamed the profit warning on delays to “a number of significant orders which had been expected and planned for production in the second half of the current financial year”.********
[BondLady] if this isn’t mainly talking about iraq
[BondLady] i dont know what other country de la rue was doing a major contract for…that they weren’t already to go with per the articles i’ve read vietnam, zamboli etc
[BondLady] they were all ready to go
[BondLady] who delayed there time and again after awarding the contract to de la rue?..iraq
[BondLady] cant blame them for being upset…the timing of orders are difficult to predict…..but they must receive word to print stuff, and when they do they expect to get paid on time and to do the contracts in a timely matter , just like anyone would….now imo and thru the articles also…iraq was about to do something with its currency…what we don’t know yet…as they thrive on not only confusing each other but us as well.
[BondLady] but iraq was set to do something early in the year 2012, some thing happened to delay it, iraq happened…doing its usual freak out to anything new or change….this delayed it to the 2nd part of the year….where i had strong feelings MYSELF ..gut feelings…iraq might try to recreate history again, october 15th 2003 when they released the notes we have now and did it from oct 15th, 2003 thru jan 15th 2004….
[BondLady] so i felt if we had a shot to see what cards they were holding would be around the oct 15th 2012 date…then what happened? arrest warrents for shabibi and many of the employees of the cbi…happened… more delays? maybe…sure seemed like it to me….
[BondLady] then…all of a sudden….laws were passed with the new proxy cbi govenor, which the goi/parl didn’t seem to want to pass for shabibi…why was that? bad blood between the gov an cbi over fed lawsuits filed challenging the independancy of the cbi…
[BondLady] gov wanting funding from the cbi on projects like the port of fao… other
things…wanting the cbi to make up the past budgets deficit’s….things that shabibi had told them from the past…if they wanted to do these things then they needed to build up the economy…thru agriculture, investments, private sector things, tarriffs etc all these things would give the state more funding to function on, and also give them more funding outside of ….just oil…. the goverment is so slow to do anything, it screws up so much progress…and the inner fighting that goes on constantly…its their culture to fight to settle things, and its become a way of life to them to let greed and power drive them….
[BondLady] ….its like if you don’t give me what i want, i won’t give you what you want, even if its at the cost of the people who need the laws passed that would give them a better life…example…the infrastructure law…giving much needed hospitals an schools and over 1 millon jobs to the people who desperatley need to work and earn livings, and the facilities like hospitals and clinics which they need not only for the sick and people harmed by terrorist attacks on the innocent, but also the clinics for the mental parts of what happens to the minds of people who are living thru war times, they need help to mentally deal with all they have lost and seen, the children need schools to learn to be self sufficient or terrorist can use there ignorance of not being able to read and write things that could keep them from joining gangs, and terrorist groups..giving them hope for a future, when indeed they have very little now….
[BondLady] and these are just a few examples, theres much more to this…but…to pass this law…one group says we won’t do it unless you pass the amnesty law, which to do that frees a scorge of terrorists and criminals right back out on to the iraqi streets, and brings on more crime…but in the same context…it would also free up people who are innocent and being held on suspitions more than proof..
.the amnesty law does need to be passed for these poor souls, but with amendments so the true criminals find justice for there deeds, not rewarded and released, just to give the people a better life, doom them to a bad one too as more terrorisum attacks and crimes would again run all over them from the same people locked up for them….
[BondLady] ok let me back away from this stuff and get back to what i was talking about …the rumor i shared and then the de la rue stockholders article…..
[BondLady] so then, we see so many articles coming out saying stuff like the budget will be free of 0′s in 2013 etc, many many last week and today all pretty much saying same thing, which kinda aligns with the rumor of the notes being printed and shipped…..
[BondLady] Economic parliamentary: the new year will witness the birth of the new Iraqi currency SUNDAY, 02 JANUARY 1 / DECEMBER 2012 09:45 Twilight News / excluded for economic and investment commission parliamentary, Sunday, that the new year would witness the birth of the new Iraqi currency deleted three zeros, noting that the Central Bank of Iraq was aspires to equal the value of one dinar per dollar.He said the Commission’s decision Mahma Khalil in an interview with “Twilight News” that “the new year will witness the restructuring Iraqi currency deleting three zeros, and therefore would not be witnessing the birth of new Iraqi currency because of the government’s refusal to this project,” noting that “the government believes that this work is not of its priorities. ”
Khalil added that “the economic and investment commission strongly supported this project with the Governor of the Central Bank because the purpose of it purely economic and is to maintain the Iraqi currency from counterfeiting, damage and fraud.” Khalil pointed out that “there was countries with successful experiences in this area and the re-structure of its currency and deleted some zeros, and we seek to follow suit.”
[BondLady] Khalil said he was “under Article 46 of the Law on the Central Bank of his powers to issue new currency or new categories and maintain the value of the Iraqi dinar against other currencies.” Khalil continued that “the very bank of the move is that the par value of the Iraqi dinar per one U.S. dollar after the deletion of zeros and are blocking the way of fake currency dealers, as well as the new currency was non-perishable easily.”
Referred to the Central Bank of Iraq began Consideration of an amendment dinar categories last year, and is still a big part of the payments being in cash due to the evolution of the banking system. The Cabinet had decided, in mid-April last year, wait in the application of the deletion of zeros from the national currency. And revealed the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, last July, the postponement of the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency, which the central bank intends to initiate them into the year 2014.
http://www.burathanews.com/news_article_177135.html ************
that article was found by my admin player, [BondLady] then my admin shredd whos also a investment banker…his comments per this article,…. It’s been so easy I think for us to become desensitized to all of the confusion, frustration and misinformation……….but when you continue to see articles like this, it should be very exciting.
If I can quote Bondlady correctly, she has said something like: treat one article as rumor, two articles (saying the same thing) as a possibility, and three or more articles (again, saying the same thing) as probable truth. Remember when we first heard news of Shabibi getting replaced? We treated that process the same, but after seeing the same news from multiple sources, we knew it to be true.
That all said, guys…..if we can trust what this article is saying, we should be jumping for joy! The new budget, the new year will not have the zeros. What does that mean? The new currency being released…..which by itself would be a very costly activity for absolutely no purpose, unless……unless…..there is a new rate.
Now, in my very humble opinion, if we see the new currency released into circulation as being the first action, we would have to see what this article is saying for a rate….equal one dinar to the dollar. Again, if it would free float and slowly crawl, the new dinar in circulation would not be useful because an iraqi would need three times as much in quantity of dinar to complete any transaction.
A part of me has always held onto a revalue compared to the free float idea and I believe Maliki is pushing forward for this…..to remove his country from needing the dollar, to stand independent and sovereign with their pride in a new currency. Hold on baby, we’re comin’ home ******

old joe
12-06-2012, 06:28 AM
[Shredd] I was talking with a buddy of mine about this article last night and we were picking it apart…..one part of this article seems to say one thing then another part seems to contradict it. I commented on this above but this article is stating what we already know, the plan for removing the zeros is on the table, the plan for introducing new currency is on the table and we know that the cbi and the goi have been discussing this.
So, from what I’m reading, there are two events in this article. I commented above on one of them….removing the zeros. This article also says that the new year won’t witness the birth of the new currency. So, again imo, a process is implied here. If they don’t jump to a buck right away, fine….manage it like they have (like Bondlady said) and eventually get there. But again, like I said yesterday, we all know we won’t see de-dollarization until the dinar is competitive with the cherished dollar.
I’ve read where other forums discard this as a bad news article, but again, like I said (lol), we need to be excited that we’ve been seeing confirmation that the plan to remove the zeros is still on track. The timing of when they “birth” or introduce the new currency can fluctuate…..again, imo, when the dinar can compete with the dollar.
My takeaway is I’m excited to see the plan is still on track, and it looks like a process is implied. I believe that we are on the doorway of some very telling activity! [BondLady] and this article followed by some of elizabeths work i borrowed.*****
[BondLady] Central Bank: the dinar became strong and more like hard currency! Palm – noted Deputy Governor of the Central Bank the appearance of Mohammed Saleh that dinar indoor hard currency by more than (100%) and there is no fear of currency fluctuations neighboring countries. Saleh said in a press statement on Saturday:
The dinar today has become a strong and more like hard currency thanks to central bank policy controlling the cash raised in the domestic market, adding that the dinar covered in hard currency and by more than (100%) and this rare condition, and has a cash reserve large hard currency than (60) billion dollars retained to face the difficult circumstances that may occur in the country, giving the strength of the dinar against foreign currencies. He pointed out that the central bank’s policy target at the moment is the stability of the exchange rate of the dinar against the U.S. dollar, while our long-term goal to be equal to him being a need to exercise a strong economy, low inflation and a large cash reserve.
And was a member of the Finance Committee and the National Alliance MP Haitham al-Jubouri could likely equal to the price of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar during the next biennium after the implementation of the project to delete three zeros from the Iraqi currency.
[BondLady] the next biennium ………meaning the next year….FYI
[BondLady] Jubouri said in an earlier statement that the approach that the Central Bank retention rate of the dinar against the dollar during the current period indication that monetary policy in the country able to make the dinar is equal to the U.S. dollar. http://www.nakhelnews.com/pages/news.php?nid=13413
[BondLady] add to that a few incerts from elizabeths work******* [BondLady] The decision to delete zeros from the currency. Ink on paper A while ago, near the decision to delete the three zeros of the Iraqi currency, and that the project will be launched early next year and will last for two to three years. Then came other statements Announces Government Act implementation of the present resolution and postponed to a later date
http://www.microsofttranslator.com/bv.aspx?from=&to=en&a=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.almutmar.com%2Findex.php%3Fid%3 D201213504
[DogzNova] biennium = Two yrs… Just a note
[BondLady] yes beginning in 2013 ending 2014
[BondLady] the Exchange must be with the new fiscal year, “the Iraqi Government’s accounts cannot be registered in the same year, two forms of financial values http://www.microsofttranslator.com/bv.aspx?from=&to=en&a=http%3A%2F%2Falrayy.com%2F58803.htm
[BondLady] The policy followed by the Bank since 2004 and so far is one of the successful policies, as has cut inflation from 50% to 5.8% and a drop in prices and stability result tools that were in place and that was investing night and deposits of maturities / 7 and / 14 and /30 days of the dinar, in addition to investment and night deposits of maturities / 7 and / 30 and / 90 / days of the dollar “..
Indicating that the Bank canceled tools mentioned except deposits to order 7 days of the Iraqi dinar only to encourage banks to grant credit for industrial projects, agricultural and residential and pointed out that the monetary policy was welcomed by the International Monetary Fund http://translate.google.com/translate?langpair=auto%7Cen&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.beladitoday.com%2F
[BondLady] And next year’s budget will be in the new currency She explained that “the recommendations issued by the Committee of finance to the Central Bank include issuing new Iraqi currency during the next year, and other recommendations relating to indebtedness upon completion of the new currency.” On the subject of “petrodollar distribution to citizens pointed out Najib” there is text in the budget gives authority to the Government to grant the surplus of oil profits to citizens after issuing instructions from the ministries of finance and planning, banner that delay distribution is due to return supplementary budget to Parliament by the Government
http://www.microsofttranslator.com/bv.aspx?from=&to=en&a=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.albaghdadianews.com%2Feconomy%2 Fitem%2F14704-AkLAkn%D8%A9-AkBEkLAln%D8%A9-bGdE-Ll-AeL%D8%A9-AjbZHADn%D8%A9–NLNAel%D8%A9-AkIAL-AkjADL-YObKNl-BAkILk%D8%A9-AkvDnD%D8%A9.html
[BondLady] Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki demanded earlier with the Bank to wait with his work and put it in the currency changeover from January of 2013. Central Bank Governor Sinan Al-Shabibi: “put the currency early next year is uncertain because of the recent discussions and debates with the Government”. Al-Shabibi said “it would be in the process of cooperation with the Government.”
Central Bank Governor noted that the continuing currency switch, and the previous dates for remaining but developments have delayed. The Bank confirmed the earlier: “ask the new currency would be 1/1/2013, despite Government demands a wait operation”. The World Bank official letter to Cabinet explaining pros switch currency market and money supply and exchange rate increase and other issues.
http://www.microsofttranslator.com/BV.aspx?ref=IE8Activity&a=http%3A%2F%2Fdananernews.com%2FNews_Details.php% 3FID%3D1337
[BondLady] then we see a good possiblity, the intel/rumor, i recieved, then a good chance it holds some water….what we don’t know, and can’t know….we think we know, , but theres no way we can know is whats iraqs next move…rv,ri,rd etc…no 1 will know that untill it happens….. so you all hang in there , were really in exciting times per our investment….. and imo looking like were at the end of the wildest roller coaster ride ive ever been on lol..***********…
[BondLady] also just a lil other tid bit our timmy found when she was doing dela rue researches…we knew the vnd was going to come out with a new polymer type paper/note…so this imo is what this article is also talking about…..
[BondLady] De La Rue highlighted a number of revenue growth measures taken under the Improvement Plan, including the launch of a new polymer note, the first of which will come into “circulation” next month, with manufacturing capacity of up to 1bn notes per annum due to come online in 2013/14.”
That quote was tucked in nice and neat in this article, not sure which notes its talking about but interesting, timmy De La Rue profits up but fallout from 2010 production issues uncertain By Simon NiasWednesday, 28 November 2012

old joe
12-06-2012, 06:29 AM
[BondLady] very all leading up to something huge about to go down
[BondLady] the delays are costing major countries and there corp’s huge huge losses
[BondLady] then in basic closing of this post …. we have this…
[BondLady] US, Iraq Strategic Framework Fact Sheet Posted on 30 November 2012. Tags: Services Technology Environment and Transportation (STET) Joint Coordinating Committee Pages: 1 2 3 U.S.A. and Republic of Iraq Strategic Framework Fact Sheet: Services, Technology, Environment, and Transportation Ambassador Stephen Beecroft (pictured) and Deputy Prime Minister Salih al-Mutlaq launched the first meeting of the Services, Technology, Environment and Transportation (STET) Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) under the U.S.-Iraq Strategic Framework Agreement on November 28, 2012 at the Council of Minister’s Secretariat.
The two governments agreed to expand U.S.-Iraq cooperation in the areas of health, agriculture, water, and private-sector development. Future high-level meetings will focus on cooperation in the other areas covered under this JCC. Health: Recognizing the importance of availability to health care in promoting social well-being and fostering economic advancement, the two governments pledged to collaborate to improve the delivery of health services to the Iraqi people.
The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Government of Iraq (GOI) Ministry of Health established a national Technical Advisory Committee for policy discussion and technical collaboration in cooperation with other ministries.
[BondLady] 36 Model Health Clinics: USAID will establish 36 model clinics in 18 provinces. Clinics will include all necessary equipment and modern systems with trained staff. The Ministry of Health will replicate these clinics nationwide using co-financing funds. Basrah Children’s Hospital and Maysan Hospital:
The U.S. government will facilitate outfitting the Basrah Children’s Hospital with advanced medical equipment, including a magnetic resonance imaging machine and computed tomography scanner. The GOI will ensure the continued training and maintenance required for these facilities, in operation since 2010.
The U.S. government will also complete construction of a surgical hospital in Al Amarah, Maysan Province; and the GOI will assume responsibility for providing medical equipment and furniture, staffing, as well as maintenance and operation of the completed facility upon transfer. Field Epidemiology Training Program for Iraqi Doctors:
The Ministries of Health and Higher Education, in partnership with the U.S. Department of State and Centers for Disease Control, developed the Field Epidemiology Training Program to train Iraqi medical doctors in disease surveillance, outbreak response, and applied epidemiology. The first cohort of 11 doctors will graduate in Baghdad on December 3. Bilateral Discussion to Expand Foreign Trade and Investment: The U.S. government will advise companies of the growing health care market in Iraq, and the two governments will periodically review laws, regulations and other practices in the sector to remove impediments to bringing advanced health care solutions to the Iraqi market.
[BondLady] Agriculture: Agriculture is a sector in Iraq with high potential for competitive products, both domestically and internationally. Agricultural development would also increase employment. Letter of Cooperation and Joint Policy Review: USAID and the Ministry of Agriculture signed a Letter of Cooperation (LOC) committing both sides to work together to review policies and laws with a view to establishing a legal framework in Iraq that supports a vibrant and competitive agricultural sector.
Working Together to Enhance Irrigation Efficiency: USAID and the Ministry of Agriculture will work jointly to introduce innovative agricultural irrigation technologies with a view to improving the efficiency and productivity of water usage in Iraq. Cooperation to Improve Agricultural Services: USAID and the Ministry of Agriculture will work together to improve the quality of agricultural services, including agricultural extension and the development of improved seed products.
This work builds on U.S. Department of Agriculture training in agricultural extension from 2008 to 2011. Sanitation, Drinking Water, and Wastewater Management: Recognizing the importance of water to public health and economic growth, the two governments agreed to continue their collaboration on water issues. USAID Program to Measure Water Resources: USAID will develop regional and national models of water resources for use by the GOI to improve planning for future water demand and utilization. Fallujah Waste Water Treatment Plant:
The U.S. government will complete construction of a sewerage system through a grant to the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works and will develop a remediation plan for the existing sulfate problem. The GOI assumed complete responsibility for the plant’s maintenance and operation in 2010.
[BondLady] Water Data Collection: The U.S. Geological Survey and the Ministry of Water Resources will continue to collaborate in collecting and analyzing remote sensing data on upstream water sources to assess prospects for future water flows. Provision of Experts on Water Issues: The U.S. government will identify hydrological experts to support efforts by the GOI to improve water quality or efficiency of water use.
[BondLady] Private Sector Development: The two governments affirmed the vital role of Iraq’s private-sector in generating wealth through inclusive growth, improving living standards, and facilitating Iraq’s participation in the global economy. They agreed to collaborate as follows. Conference on Private Sector Development: The GOI, with the assistance of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, will convene a conference in January 2013 that will consider methods to rapidly transform Iraq’s economy by unleashing the power of the private sector.
[BondLady] see that
[BondLady] by unleashing the power
[BondLady] of the private sector

old joe
12-06-2012, 06:30 AM
[BondLady] Cooperation on Training Regarding Project Finance: In view of Iraq’s need for foreign investment to build the infrastructure for provision of basic services, the U.S. government will assist Iraq in developing expertise in the methods of project finance, particularly the long-term financing of water, sanitation, and other infrastructure. Supporting an Ombudsman Committee to Facilitate Business:
Recognizing that trade with foreign companies contributes to Iraq’s own economic development, the Deputy Prime Minister established an ombudsman committee to facilitate the timely completion of business or investments in Iraq. The U.S. government will support efforts to address specific concerns of companies and to improve Iraq’s overall business climate. Regulatory and Administrative Reform: USAID and the Prime Minister Advisory Commission collaborated on the project, “Iraq Solution for Regulatory and Administrative Reform” (ISRAR).
The project aims to improve the business climate in Iraq through a comprehensive review of laws and regulations affecting business to devise proposals for regulatory and administrative reform.
[BondLady] Cooperation to Improve Government Services: USAID signed Memoranda of Understanding with the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Public Works and Municipalities to improve service delivery. The assistance to be provided aims to improve planning for capital projects, procurement, project management, and availability and quality of services.
[BondLady] and when you tie all of this in with our thanksgiving post of new and amended laws passed, counterfitting and money laundring laws, …well i can’t see it any other way than were very close….
[BondLady] this is our work we have been working on for you all the last week
[BondLady] and i hope you all see how huge each piece shown is in this massive puzzle we call a investment
[BondLady] ty
[BondLady] go timmy
[tlm724] grashopa and i were dicussing last nite a few articles that seem to perhaps go together allow me to show them
[tlm724] Economic parliamentary: the new year will witness the birth of the new Iraqi currency Ali Aldhargam – 12/02/2012 – 6:58 pm Commission ruled parliamentary economy and investment, Sunday, that the new year would witness the birth of the new Iraqi currency deleted three zeros, noting that the Central Bank of Iraq was aspires to equal the value of one dinar per dollar.
He said the Commission’s decision Mahma Khalil in a press statement that “the” new year will witness the restructuring Iraqi currency deleting three zeros, and therefore would not be witnessing the birth of new Iraqi currency because of the government’s refusal to this project, “noting that” the government believes that this work is not a priority ” . Khalil added that “the economic and investment commission strongly supported this project with the Governor of the Central Bank because the purpose of it purely economic and is to maintain the Iraqi currency from counterfeiting, damage and fraud.” http://www.burathanews.c/ ··· 135.html
[tlm724] now we all know this art by now, but when you consider this next one perhaps it will help you see something
[tlm724] Governor of the Central Bank’s “obelisk”: not stressful factors to raise the price of the dollar 2012 14 BAGHDAD / obelisk: denied the Iraqi Central Bank, on Sunday, and there are no factors to help increase demand for the U.S. dollar in the Iraqi market and thus raise prices locally.
The governor of the Bank and Abdul Basit Turki Agency for “obelisk” that “the central bank provides any amount required within the Iraqi market for importers and travelers and this, of course, specific targeting a price ceiling for the dollar.” واضاف He added that “the central bank completely controls the movement of currency and prevent smuggling and manipulation of the national economy.”
He pointed out that “the dollar is officially 1166 and the bank sells the added commission only 13 dinars for the banks, which in turn provided by controls at 1189 Iraqi dinars.” He continued saying, “Certainly there is the faint hearts of propagating rumors intended to provoke concern citizen and raise the price of the currency to make quick speculation, and this is normal but unacceptable.”
He pointed out that “the existence of unlicensed banking stores develop these cases often so the Central Bank has issued orders to the need vacation shops competent and vacationed to work and apply the terms of the Central Bank.”
[tlm724] the timing of these articles is interesting
[tlm724] the CBI article that came out was hours after the economic article
[grashopa] with these arts, that seem to go together
[grashopa] we have the CBI saying to the vendors and stores…………..YA better not raise your prices
[grashopa] so the Central Bank has issued orders to the need vacation shops competent and vacationed to work and apply the terms of the Central Bank. [grashopa] vacation means…….licences
[grashopa] He continued saying, “Certainly there is the faint hearts of propagating rumors intended to provoke concern citizen and raise the price of the currency to make quick speculation, and this is normal but unacceptable.” [grashopa] He pointed out that “the existence of unlicensed banking stores develop these cases often so the Central Bank has issued orders to the need vacation shops competent and vacationed to work and apply the terms of the Central Bank.”
[tlm724] so perhaps the citizens are trying to buy as much dinar as they can as a result of the first article being published and the vendors are price gouging ?? [grashopa] The Associated Press Published: Monday, Dec. 3, 2012 – 12:24 am BAGHDAD — The Iraq Stock Exchange says one of the country’s largest mobile operators will start publicly trading its shares early next year. It will be the first stock float since the reign of Saddam Hussein. The ISX said in a statement Sunday that a quarter of the Iraqi telecom operator Asiacell shares will be traded publically as of Feb. 3.
The statement says the Initial Public Offering will take place from Jan. 3 to Feb. 2 and that the share price must be determined by Dec. 25. Asiacell, an affiliate to Qatar Telecommunications, is one of three mobile operators in Iraq. The other two are Zain Iraq, part of Kuwait’s Zain, and Korek, an affiliate of France Telecom.
[BondLady] player gave that to me earlier and its a great art , ty player
[Shredd] we knew this was planned, but this is a super article
[Shredd] the stock exchange is the platform for trading on the public sector
[Shredd] the ISX will explode and offer greater gains than any exchange
[grashopa] The statement says the Initial Public Offering will take place from Jan. 3 to Feb. 2 and that the share price must be determined by Dec. 25.
[Shredd] you gotta add this into the whole picture of what we been talking about
[Shredd] this is another indicator and PROOF that Iraq is at the door folks
[Shredd] investment at all levels
[grashopa] yes Shredd …..it is HUGE
[Shredd] private, corporate ,institutional
[Shredd] it will all be flowing and in the first part of the year, huge indeed
[player46] IPO hitting Dec. 25th
[Shredd] imho, this is investor conditioning
[Shredd] seriously you’ve got to understand that the ISX is the icing on the cake
[Shredd] stocks, trading, for all that comes into iraq
[drc1947] IT would appear that they are just crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s more or less in the final stages
[Shredd] a great “window” for the investment world to see what is shaking in Iraq
[Shredd] and the percentages of growth….man, talk about a wildfire
[BondLady] with that being said special thanks to timmy , shredd, grashopa, our sources, and the rest of my fantastic team of researchers to my members..ty for learning and studying your investments as we have laid down the floor plans for all to follow, what to look for the changes happening…and they are happening….. huge things as we watch a country being given life right before our eyes….. truly exciting times..
[BondLady] hope you all enjoyed the fruits of our labors
[BondLady] as i drop the mic and me and my team walk off