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old joe
12-06-2012, 06:31 AM
[BellaGrits] Hello, just dropping in a post…..Please be aware there are many people, including Intel Providers, who are working behind the scenes to help the people….Firstly, apparently word on the “street” is some may get left out and their IQD is of no value. Currently, we are positioned to have a golden opportunity in this investment. Anyone holding an IQD note in hand regardless of amount or location outside the US will be assisted.
[BellaGrits] It is our understanding Canadian cash outs have been the “HOT TOPIC” on recent calls. Canadians will have the same opportunity as Americans; consequently, we all must follow protocol when the instructions are released. Please be patient and information will soon be revealed as to when, where and how at a designated time right for all concerned. Rumors are running rampant at this time…..don’t get caught up in speculations, predictions, or simple guessing games.
BellaGrits] Secondly, as I stated in my last post, the Intel I was provided and believed whole heartedly for well over one year was merely false hope. Now it’s time to get real, my friends. New and exciting times are drawing near, and it’s you who can make a tremendous difference. I ask you to stay focused, try to target misinformation as what it is—misinformation….and we all know it happens. Stay alert as to what you are being told or hearing concerning your IQD investment.
[BellaGrits] Lastly, you are all great people or you wouldn’t be invested today. This has taken pure “guts” to stay the course, and your determination to see this through is amazing with the ups and downs throughout the last year or more. Many have given up, and many have fallen on difficult times financially — been forced to sell their dinar….please remember to help those out and others as you receive your funds. This has never been just about an RV; it never was and it encompasses many more things than any of us can imagine.
[BellaGrits] Be patient, and understand there are people at this very moment pulling together with us to protect you and your investment in the IQD…people caring for others…God Bless You all. ~BellaGrits~
[BellaGrits] So good to see you all… and I appreciate all of you….you are tough…..this thing has been so difficult
[musiccitylady] BellaGrits I just got here, have u given any time frames? ty
[BellaGrits] musiccitylady I haven’t given any….this is a difficult for me to even be in here….. I am giving you what I can and will give you more when I can
[that guy] *** Firstly, apparently word on the “street” is some may get left out and their IQD is of no value…** who’s iqd is worth diddily?
[masterT] BellaGrits….Good to see You in the Castle…Thank You. WELCOME Back….
[BellaGrits] masterT good to see you all too…I hope to have good cheer soon…just know we will all have opportunities…..please refer to the post
[bandit] BellaGrits Have we heard from jonnywg and how he’s doing
[BellaGrits] bandit he’s doing very well….
[masterT] Thank You BellaGrits…Say Hello to Jonnywg. I PRAY His sight is getting better…
[BellaGrits] masterT I understand he is making an unprecendented recovery….. he is also working behind the scenes as well…. for all of you
[deb2blessed] I pray God’s blessings on all those who have worked to bring this to fruition and I also pray for the people of Iraq who have suffered greatly.
[BellaGrits] deb2blessed amen to that….the people of IRAQ need this terribly. please remember I maintain my position this has nothing to do with IRAQ…they have done their part….
findmoney] Bellagrits so why u been hiding?
[jack1977] BellaGrits its been done with Iraq ,, for a while now … we move on … with are blessings ….
[BellaGrits] findmoney been working non-stop on this investment behind the scenes and can’t be on the board…..
[BellaGrits] I can share things from time to time….hopefully I can share more very soon
[kids] Good Evening BellaGrits hopefully you bring a rv with ya!
[BellaGrits] kids if I could I would
[crossways] BellaGrits :tree: hopefully we will all have a Merry Christmas http://media.theiraqidinar.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_wink.gif
[BellaGrits] crossways I think you all will
[Lakerfan] BellaGrits your info is very well accepted and appreciated. Thank you so much and have a blessed night. Hopefully we wake up to our blessings.
[BellaGrits] Lakerfan be patient…..things are in progress…..things are happening that I could never explain and much I don’t understand….been a tough year for all of us…I can’t tell you how much work is going on “behind the scenes” as I would put it….many people want to see your investment happen as quickly as possible….many have spent hours of their days to work together…
[BellaGrits] You guys, this was a quick drop by to send you those words…..I hope that helps in some small way