View Full Version : We are seeing movement for iraq right now to securing a stronger govt and currency

old joe
12-06-2012, 06:31 AM
med (09:46:11): gm ds one thing i would like all to think about when thinking of the rv lanachy told me this and i have always remembered it a countries currency is only as strong as the govt that backs it
spankyi: http://www.dinarspeculator.com/showt…499#post135499
med: i read that spanky only thing is it is vague i was trying to pull something from it but it just doesnt have enough
spankyi: oh ok
med: i mean it is a fine article but i was hoping just for a few more words to help from guessing and i hate to guess lol
tdk: you never do on this investment big guy
spankyi: i thought maybe u would see some thing i didnt lol
med: lol now remember about the strength of a currency and how we are seeing possibly movement for iraq right now to securing a stronger govt and currency there is no way and i mean this with all sincerity that men like najafi or allawi or talibani or barzani will allow a new dictator or sadr even
they are trying to resolve this in a way of no bloodshed that is why it is dragging out they have kept this from turning into a civil war yet keeping maliki from doing real irreparable damage anything he has done can be easily reversed even all the stealing of money they have so much wealth it is like finding couch change for us so dont worry about all that ok i am the eternal optimist i believe that no matter what good overcomes evil
tdk: me too
med: and the same here
spankyi: for sure
med: no matter if they are muslims or not you all know there are good everywhere not just here in america look at the great people from this site from the uk from canada from romania from pr from malysia
stlou: don’t forget arkansas
med: i mean they are all kind and generous i said countries stlou i guess you all in arkansas are in your own little world
stlou: i know
tdk: lol
med: lol
stlou: med..
busman: med don’t kow if you talked about it, but did you read the article danteich2 posted?
stlou: i read that article you referred to..
med: not yet bus i am bus reviewing your progress on your foot
stlou: could it possibly have something to do with the fact they will continue with the budget reading without the final accounts for 2012?
busman: http://www.dinarspeculator.com/showt…iraqi-currency
excluded is not in it verbage is almost the same as the article from yesterday
med: but look at the second para
spankyi: would not be witnessing the birth of new iraqi currency because of the government’s refusal to this project,” noting that “the government believes that this work is not of its priorities. ”
med: yes they sort of reversed thngs
busman: that is in my comments, very confusing, these articles
med: things yes it is
stlou: he said the commission’s decision mahma khalil in an interview with “twilight news” that “the new year will witness the restructuring iraqi currency deleting three zeros
med: right now but remember this ok yes it can certainly but who is in charge of cbi right now
busman: tunki, for now
med: yup
busman: or turkey
med: d bag
busman: maliki’s puppet
med: yup
spankyi: :@
med: did anyone notice for two weeks it was nothing but corruption this one stealing that one stealing then all of a sudden when maliki’s son is implicated maliki threw that one guy under the bus and nothing in the news
busman: dabbaugh
med: about anyoen yes bus
guardian: hey we could have a turkey shoot
busman: all of this makes beleive maliki has control of the rv
spankyi: lol guardian
med: ummmm yes bus right now yes in a underhanded way unless unless hmmmm unless
busman: and we know he wants it right?
med: parliaments finance committee decides it is what they want parliament here really does have the power they have the power to reverse all of this brb ok
spankyi: ok
busman: they are suppose to have the power :s good morning ds sorry to jump in like but we beat the opposit of that article up yesterday, and wanted med to look at it back to my corner(f)
guardian: could simply be we should not totally rely on translators, but that’s all we got