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05-25-2015, 04:18 AM
Association of Banks: private banks took the initiative to reduce cash sales of the dollar starting from tomorrow

Saturday 23 May 2015 17:07

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
The Iraqi Association of Banks, Saturday, an initiative to reduce cash sales of dollars to citizens and banking companies from tomorrow Sunday, indicated that it will be sold for 1193 dinars to the dollar.

The association said in a statement Sumerian received News a copy of it, he was "in support of monetary policy of the Central Bank of Iraq and to ensure the stability of the exchange rate took the initiative of private banks (Ashur, the Middle East , acrossIraq , the National Islamic, Union, Gulf, Dar es Salaam , the Islamic country, the Islamic Iraqi, United, Arbil, commercial region, the Iraqi credit) to reduce cash sales for citizens and companies banking rate for 1193 dinars to the dollar and the price of 1192 dinars to the dollar of remittances, "adding that it" will be starting tomorrow Sunday 24 of May. "

Association of Banks added that "banks will follow their customers from banking companies to commit to this initiative and its windows open to the public and sell these specific prices."

The deputy head of the parliamentary Economic Committee Harith al-Harthy expected, in (April 12, 2015), the low dollar exchange rates against the dinar during the next two days, while pointing out that some of the "mafias" in controlling and manipulating the markets in prices according to their interests.

The dollar price in the domestic market in front of the Iraqi dinar gradually during the last period up to 1335 dinars to the dollar, compared to 1200 dinars to the dollar by the end of last year 2014.