View Full Version : issuance of a new class is the restructuring of the coin and not to improve

05-25-2015, 08:57 PM
Economist: the issuance of a new class is the restructuring of the coin and not to improve the situation directly


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Denied economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine, on Monday, about an intention to issue a new Iraqi currency from large groups or to resort to the process of deleting the zeros.

Antoine said in an interview with "direction Press," he said the new currency issue or deletion of zeros is the currency restructuring process and not to improve the situation directly.

Antoine said that the idea of ​​a new currency of a particular class is issued for the purpose of minimizing market trading and the use of large pieces and small pieces instead.

He said economic expert, that the issuance of currency reduces large categories of banks and of its trustees problems in counting the money. Noting the inability to solve the proposed percent of thousand Iraqi dinars instead of dollars percent currency because he can not solve his work rather than his other twin, and there was no one can replace the other, but instead can be solved a lot of problems with the market.
He advised a number of specialists in economic affairs government to implement the project to delete the zeros, instead of issuing a large categories of currency because it will lead to increased inflation.

It is noteworthy that the central bank decided after the federal government is required to wait to apply the project to delete the zeros and get rid of the bloated money supply in Iraqi currency through printed Banknotes category (50) thousand dinars.