View Full Version : Central Bank to address the financial crisis

05-28-2015, 07:05 AM
Deputy calls for the Central Bank to address the financial crisis

Follow up-and babysit- block called the virtue of representative Ammar tastes of the Central Bank to help deal with the financial crisis and save Iraq from international borrowing terms have reflected on the citizen.

Meh said in a statement, "with low oil prices and the adoption of the Iraqi economy, mainly as a source of imports, many important projects and public services and employment negatively affected by these circumstances, and the State's use tax followed by rising prices and declining real incomes of citizens is not a sound but problems and broad social suffering."

"We also made borrowing from international organizations (IMF, World Bank) will have reflected conditions on Iraq ' and doubled the burden and price it".

"The tasks of the Central Bank to contribute to the economic crisis and promote development", suggesting "the withdrawals from the reserve to the extent that does not affect the stability of the local currency for us by the amounts of compensation for the lack of income and employment in investment activity in the service sector and public sectors alantageho run and developed by Government and industry to launch recruitment for graduates and the unemployed".

Called tohma "to accompany these actions direct support for building the base of strategic industries such as iron and steel mills and petrochemicals and agriculture."