View Full Version : Abadi stop work draws new customs tariffs, the first of August next up

05-30-2015, 05:43 AM
Abadi stop work draws new customs tariffs, the first of August next up

The face of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stop work the new customs tariffs, the first of next August and up until the completion of officials of the Kurdistan Regional Administrative their procedures for the application of the tariff in the border their outlets.

President of the Independent Parliamentary Bloc honest frankincense and told that al-Abadi agreed to a proposal in this regard in order to be the application of a uniform tariff and the collection of fees in all of Iraq's ports, including the Kurdistan region in order to achieve justice and equality in the work of national laws.

He explained frankincense to wait in the imposition of new tariffs and the inclusion of outlets province out came a step in the right direction to keep the incomes of the country where the state treasury was losing huge amounts of money because of asylum importers to use the means and methods and outlets avoid them pay the new tariff, including the wrapping to the region, which did not apply tariff outlets.

He pointed out that steps to circumvent those set aside by the importers pay the new fees, but it's the other burdened Quahl citizens increases the prices of goods and goods that were added to it the added cost of transport across the input twisted ways.