View Full Version : Abadi's adviser (dinars): taxation came to be consolidated in all outlets

06-07-2015, 10:35 PM
Abadi's adviser (dinars): taxation came to be consolidated in all outlets


Dinars / Adnan Abdul Hassan / .. Description Prime Minister for the Economy adviser appearance of Mohammed Saleh Cabinet's recent decision to impose taxes early next month in August (b Alehikm), pointing to the opportunity and the time the largest government reorganization of its own affairs with respect to the unity of taxes of all border crossing points.
Saleh said in a statement to the Agency / JD /: "There are big problems at customs points, the most prominent of what is the existence of private tables for tariff customs in Kurdistan, in addition to the control of factions terrorist Daash on Trebil center and other factors inhibiting in the northern port, moreover situation quo is Palmarqlat security and the war in the country against terrorism, "describing" the Cabinet's recent decision to impose taxes early next August Hakim. "

Saleh added: "that the use of the Council of Ministers to take such a decision, which falls within his powers come to allow time the largest of the government to organize its own affairs, coordination and achieving harmony and find a common and logical understandings apply to all ports without exception, whether in the north or the south, "stressing that" European countries embarked fence the border to collect taxes among them, the reversed completely the existence of dispersion within the state. "

He pointed to the need to develop an awareness and Althagev about the tax and its application, under the Iraqi economy, which is characterized as a yield and Aalaatmad on one source, "explaining that" the tax to Atsd 1% of the state budget on the contrary, the rest of the countries that up to 20%. "

For his part, called for an economist Ibrahim al-Mashhadani to "indispensability drafting of a new tax system, describing the current system Palmtkhalaf compared to countries in the region. "
He said al-Mashhadani told / JD /: "All the taxes that are imposed on high income earners will lead to effects is higher prices, as it miserably failed pretext and is one of the sources of corruption," he said, adding " The current system is lagging behind and failed to achieve the desired objectives and bring financial resources to cover the deficit. "

He pointed out "that the government deducted taxes from employees' salaries that Atsd 2% of the budget deficit, especially if we take into account that the total of those amounts up to two trillion dinars while we find that the budget deficit of 37 trillion dinars, and this figure does not constitute rate to cover or contribute to addressing the deficit. "

He called on the government to review the tax system in place, which was tainted by a lot of corruption and horse-trading and manipulation of figures and the size of the tax, noting "that the education and awareness is the most prominent arms in the fight against corruption and citizens avoid defaults, and the importance convince him that tax money go to achieve the benefits of the public interest, with the working calendar of the tax system and impose deterrent sanctions and to hold accountable those involved actions "