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Distribution of investment projects in accordance with the Government's program

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Abdullah al-Bandar: Adoption of the actual need for the provinces to ensure the fairness
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Government was able to succeed in achieving the distribution of investments between the provinces and cities through the investment map, which the National Investment Commission set fairly, and in line with the requirements of development plans that support the anabolic sectors of the economy in the country.

Although the situation taking place in the country, was able Investment Authority accomplish the overall map of 2015 the university investment opportunities in all government ministries and by the provinces of (15) are distributed among the various economic sectors in proportion to the nature of each province.

The head of the National Investment Commission, Dr. Sami al-Araji, announced earlier this month the number of investment opportunities for the current year of (920) opportunity, calling at the same time investment authorities in the provinces to nominate important investment opportunities and the priority displayed within the investment map to highlight them and promote them at conferences and forums investment at the local and international level.

The actual need and in this regard , the general manager of one window in the body d.Abdullah al-Bandar investment opportunities that come from the provinces according to their plans to the Commission, as the body determining the investment according to the annual investment map, taking into account the priority in the implementation of projects that you need the province concerned, as the investments are distributed on the basis of actual need and map set, according to Alqtaat.oadav Bander "morning" that "these efforts in the distribution of investments coincided with the government program in promoting this area of the country to activate the reality of the provinces and cities and run the largest number of local manpower in order to eliminate unemployment and poverty reduction in Iraqi society ratios." government program provides for the support investments in various sectors and adapt legislative, regulatory and financial environment in order to achieve stimulating enough for investment activity, what encourages running local manpower. distributive justice said Bander ensure the equitable distribution of investments between the cities and provinces of Iraq, as it is thrown investment projects, according to maintain resources based on development plan National (http://www.alibris.com/search/books/isbn/9781240499670) and in line with the general budget of the country.

He said that the granting of investment privileges are by City and resources owned, Afikam investment project on the basis of development of these cities, as in the province of Karbala, the establishment of tourism complexes is a priority, that they are characterized by religious tourism throughout the year, on the contrary of the provinces that do not have these ingredients. As for the provinces, which have an natural resources contribute to attract investment have for the advancement of economic betterment, Director-General that "the provinces that need to create a project to revitalize the business where, the Authority, in coordination with the local government to attract investment through has said provide incentives for local or foreign investor, or the establishment of joint projects characterized by high productivity and benefit the province. "

The government plans to promote economic growth in Iraq and encourage investment in it by finding effective solutions to all the obstacles that stand in front of investors to work in Iraq, as it requires doing renaissance It provides a comprehensive economic investment climate reinforced by legislation and laws, through the abolition of all the old laws that are inconsistent with investment to ensure a balance in the distribution of investments the largest number of manpower and to activate the business environment in both provinces.