View Full Version : Central bank: borrowing from the IMF will achieve the required targets Iraq

06-14-2015, 09:51 PM
Central bank: borrowing from the IMF will achieve the required targets Iraq


International Monetary Fund (http://www.knetbooks.com/search-results?terms=9789041148759&referrer=KBCJ) building

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06/13/2015 11:09

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: saw Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency on the Keywords,

Saturday, that the benefit of borrowing from the International Monetary Fund (http://www.knetbooks.com/search-results?terms=9789041148759&referrer=KBCJ), will strengthen Iraq the global financial position, noting that the borrowing from the IMF will achieve the goals of Iraq required.Keywords and said for "tomorrow's Press,"

The "amount that is expected to be provided by theInternational Monetary Fund (http://www.knetbooks.com/search-results?terms=9789041148759&referrer=KBCJ) to Iraq right of the contribute to the Fund States and Iraq from the shareholders," noting that "the amount came to support the budget and reducing the existing deficit.

"He explained that "there's intentions must be shown by Iraq when submitting borrowing request , which is an economic and financial reforms to encourage the Fund to give Iraq and be of interest loans, to strengthen the international position in terms of credit degree,

and to gain the confidence of donor countries for Iraq ", adding that" the central bank looks at the loan is not worth the amount, but puts us much better financial transactions between the countries and the world. "

He added Keywords "There are financial institutions when you see the size of the International Monetary Fund (http://www.knetbooks.com/search-results?terms=9789041148759&referrer=KBCJ) will lend Iraq Foundation, this increases the confidence in Iraq," noting that "soon will receive Iraq amount and we see it is useful to achieve the desired goals." declared the International Monetary Fund (IMF),

agreed with Iraq to lend the amount of $ 833 million to support its economy, while stressing to present the agreement of the Executive Body (http://stat.dealtime.com/DealFrame/DealFrame.cmp?bm=866&BEFID=31515&acode=886&code=886&aon=&crawler_id=1935102&dealId=MJiCRHpmEBkVCIfji3lpZw%3D%3D&searchID=&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cafepress.com%2F%2B%2C1297005 552%3Futm_content%3DChannelAdvisor_US_shopping2%26 utm_medium%3Dproductfeed%26utm_source%3DCSE&DealName=CafePress%20Keep%20Calm%20and%20Love%20yo ur%20Account%20Executive%20Body%20Sui&MerchantID=523885&HasLink=yes&category=0&AR=-1&NG=1&GR=1&ND=1&PN=1&RR=-1&ST=&MN=msnFeed&FPT=SDCF&NDS=1&NMS=1&NDP=1&MRS=&PD=0&brnId=2455&lnkId=8070676&Issdt=150614050318&IsFtr=0&IsSmart=0&dlprc=24.0&SKU=1297005552_259) of the Fund to express its opinion cutter.