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Exchange rate changes is a global phenomenon

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D.thwaina warns of impacts on the stability of the currency
BAGHDAD - Imad Emirate
Economist: that on the central bank to work as a government exercise its functions within the state general framework said, but for this institution privacy in making independent decisions with regard to monetary policy, which must be consistent with the general economic state policy because the bank is one of the issues the currency and managed by a bank The government and its agent and financial adviser, a fund in which the State retains Baanaatadtha monetary, financial and payments, a lender of last resort and for the organization of the observer credit and maintain the integrity of the financial position of the banks this is what »Sabah» economist d. Falah Hassan Thuwaini.
Overlapping powers

He said, if we get a kind of overlap or conflict or lack of clarity in any of the terms of reference for all purposes of the legislative relationship and the executive, it is assumed not reflected on the stability of thegeneral price level (http://www.alibris.com/search/books/isbn/9781313824552) and the price of the national currency exchange rate against other foreign currencies and the effects of changes in them on the real side ( commodity) of the economy.
German mark

And between d. Thuwaini, and evidence which always attend to express the currency situation and what had happened to her of the change in value, taking into account the different economic characteristics is the status of the German currency in different periods before becoming a coin leader in the settlement of international payments before their integration in euros in the nineties of the past century .
And guided by the experience of Germany on controversial political debate sharp focus in the first two-way gives the horizontal Parliament who was elected by the people and the government chosen by the people's representatives to present the priorities of the economic policy on the goal of price stability, such as increased run or lift growth rates, and the second direction supports directed the German central bank (http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Review-of-Foreign-Developments/United-States-Federal-Reserve-Board/e/9781288751303)in order to prevent Government and Parliament of the use of their influence to force the bank to finance the budget Amh.utaba deficit, but despite their different views, but the biggest target was present and was the fruit of cooperation and coordination between the government and the central bank's German coin German (mark) is characterized by stability and the impact on European and global level, but wasEuropean monetary system axis and in its currency (the euro).
Who notes that most countries in economic transition and in spite of the relative difference in the basic features of their economies in terms of economic structures and resources, it focuses on the President not to prejudice the objective of monetary policy which is to maintain price stability as a key to economic development.
Monetary policy in Iraq

In terms of monetary policy in Iraq between d. Thuwaini that it is working through the institutional and legislative framework represented by the law of the Iraqi Central Bank No. 56 for the year 2004 basic and goals or the President is to achieve price stability and financial system stable and other targets belonging represented in the sustainable development report and provide job opportunities. Although the contents of the law granted autonomy to the bank Van (http://www.alibris.com/search/books/isbn/9781247026039) monetary policy in Iraq march by three elements, two of them only under the direct act of the Central Bank and two Auctions currency by the Central, and the interest rates on the Iraqi dinar, which produces through the Bank's operations, which is to use a reference interest rate (bank rate) He explained either factor the third, who can not dispose of it despite the significant impact on monetary policy and its goals it is in foreign currency flows from Iraq's oil exports and is in military spending and spending non-governmental institutions and the size of domestic spending.
Monetary policy calendar

He d. Thuwaini, and through a calendar view of monetary policy in Iraq after 2003, taking into account the security conditions and their effects, and that has been achieved and which have not achieved their goals, we can say that there are relatively successful check in relation to the objective basis and is maintaining a local rate stable, but the process of strengthening sustainable growth, employment and prosperity remained targets outside the scope of the potential and the reason is due to the lack of economic activity in response to (real) to take advantage of this relative preprocessing before the central bank is responsive to changes in commodity economic activity and that the absence of economic policy in the conventional sense of economic policy which are monetary policy One of their tools (policies) and other financial planning such as policy and trade policy and the policy of operating agricultural, industrial, investment, politics and the oil sector.