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06-18-2015, 12:58 AM
The government is taking measures to raise the value of the dinar .. and manipulators Abadi vows at a price of dollar [/ltr]

BAGHDAD / long-Presse

He attributed the economists, the reasons for rising dollar exchange rate against the dinar to the floundering economic policy and the neglect of the productive sectors in the country, while the parliamentary Finance confirmed that the authorities concerned have taken action to raise the value of the dinar package, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi manipulators vowed dollar terms, and pointed to the existence of a conspiracy carried out by corrupters to influence the current situation.
Ebadi said in a press conference held at Baghdad airport before his departure to Tehran and I followed the "long", that "the Iraqi currency backed strongly, the central bank has large reserves that cover the Iraqi currency and a half times," noting that he "does not exist to fear for the Iraqi dinar."
Abadi said that "the government will strike with an iron fist dollar price manipulators", adding that "there is manipulation and conspiracy occurred during the past few days by some who are hostile to Iraq and finance spoilers and trying to influence the current situation."

Abadi stressed that "Iraq is fighting two wars with Daash The first and second against corruption and manipulators Bakot people", calling on citizens to "be assured because the dinar Mahfouz and propped has a great economic power."

He added that "Iraq has the capacity of thing many of them the grace and blessing of Iraq's oil potential are able to protect our wealth and our criticism."
For his part, Vice President of the Federation of Iraqi businessmen on behalf of Anton, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The rise in the dollar exchange rate was caused by the fact that the amount raised by the central bank it is less than the market needs," adding that "the other factor is near Ramadan solutions, and increasing imports has led to high demand for the dollar, as well as private banks start dealing with depositors have in that currency. "

He said Anton, that those "banks Dollar calculated to its customers 1200 dinars, while the price in the market is 1420, making some speculators and currency traders and banking offices monopoly on the dollar," noting that "Iraq neglected the productive sector, agriculture, industry and tourism, with a gap import nearly 75 billion dollars, which led to the depletion of large quantities of that currency. " For his part, economist said Hussein al-Asadi, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The decline of the dinar against the dollar, caused by two reasons. The first is strategic for Iraq's lack of economic policy are clear, and his fluctuating attitudes in this area in 2003 since until now," returned to "chaos and economic It affected the financial policy of the country as well as monetary policy conducted by the central bank about good when the fall of the former regime, but instead of being the party responsible and in control of the monetary policy of the country and follow-up, turned into an auction to sell the dollar only. "

Asadi and saw that the "Select parliament of the Central Bank to sell $ 75 million ceiling higher per day, represents a logical procedure due to lower world oil prices, especially that Iraq relies on oil for almost basis," adding, "But that amount is not enough to meet the needs of Iraq because it imports everything." .
He said al-Asadi, that "Iraq did not invest the golden phase when high oil prices, because of corruption, whether financial or administrative played a big role in that, as well as the existence of mafias, which was formed after the year 2003 by the parties and the families had no knowledge of the economy and lack of patriotism."

In turn, he said a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Najiba Najib, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The central bank and the Ministry of Finance and the concerned state met, Monday, (the 15th of June the current 2015), to discuss the high price of the dollar, and took a package decisions will be capable of supporting the value of the dinar, and reduce the dollar exchange rate interview. "
According to Najib, that of "the most important of those decisions increase the width of the dollar in the market," indicating that this dish a day after the meeting, to feed the applications submitted for the purchase of the dollar by the companies, merchants and banks, as the central bank would accept any buy another request after he restricts it. " .

And followed by the Parliamentary Finance Committee, that "banks and the Central Bank they meet the secretariats of tax and customs of each request submitted by eight percent, what form the main reason high price of the dollar", Msttrdp that "the participants the meeting decided to address that, where will the relevant departments, such as customs and tax so what contributes to the dollar, down by about large. "

The dollar price in domestic markets to the Iraqi dinar gradually to reach more than 1,400 dinars to the dollar, compared to 1228 dinars to the dollar over the past week and 1,200 dinars to the dollar through the end of last year 2014.[