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06-24-2015, 09:15 AM
Thursday of next week .. Parliament resumes its sessions


Brother - Baghdad He announced the decision of the House of Representatives Niazi Ihsanoglu, Tuesday, that the Council will resume its sessions held during the new legislative term on Thursday of next week, while stressing the existence of a package of laws will be approved during this chapter, including the legal parties and the Federal Court.

Ihsanoglu said that "the legislative recess for the House of Representatives ends legally on Wednesday of next week, and resume the work of the Council on Thursday of the same week, which falls on the second of July," Kpana to "determine the date of the hearing and inform the House about the validity of the Presidency of the Council."

Ihsanoglu added that "the new legislative term will be a chapter to approve a package of important laws, including the law of parties, and the Federal Court, the general amnesty, and the accountability and justice, and other laws and regulations," pointing out that "the adoption of these laws require political approval because of their nature."

The Presidency of the Council of Representatives ended on Saturday (30 May 2015), the second legislative term of the Council, after the vote on three bills and postpone the reading and vote for seven other laws.