View Full Version : Central bank director on the Keywords taking pulls from Bank reserves, without offset

06-27-2015, 12:06 PM
An informed source in the Economic Affairs said that the central bank director and agency to take on the Keywords pursuing a failed policy to stop the rise of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar and instead of finding viable alternatives to stop the deterioration of the dinar took withdraw savings from the Central Bank and relegated to the domestic market,

The source said in an exclusive interview news agency Buratha that Keywords instead of the increase of bank reserves taking pulls him in the hope of strengthening the dinar, but the problem is that all trades do not cover it until the planned issuance of bank bonds do not cover the amounts meaning it will not be able to recover the reserve like borrow a loan behind the loan, but will not be able in the end with a shot so there will be a shortage of bank reserves

He pointed out that if it stayed that way in the face of the rise of the US dollar, the cash reserves of the bank will end and the final nutshell, Iraq will be on the lip of the hole Bankruptcy

And he demanded the sacking Keywords source and bring the Iraqi economic efficiencies experienced know how to behave otherwise, Iraq will face a major crisis and today we heard that the reserve will cover, but tomorrow will be inevitably Bankruptcy