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06-27-2015, 08:56 PM
6-27-2015 Intel Guru Mnt Goat I want to talk about these...international MasterCard transactions once again that seem to be the basis for the RV from some...don’t expect any RV even if these MC cards go live internationally. The Mastercards are tied to FIXED rates in a database. These rates are for government programs and FIXED rates and not tied to the floating currency exchanges in any way or fashion... these MASTERCARD events are for the SMART cards and not the “National” Cards. The “National” cards are NOT for these government programs such as retirement, salaries, pensions, food program, etc. The “National” cards are mainly for the oil revenues distribution sharing to the citizens. YES - if you are thinking HCL you are correct. Remember these payments were supposed to begin in a June – July timeframe. They fully plan to execute their plan on time to distribute these funds...they have the full month of July yet to make good on their promise to the people. I fully expect this event to happen and hear news of it very soon.

there is another version of HCL too that Kurdistan needs implemented. It is mainly to address the sale of independent oil from Kurdistan to other countries beyond the Badgdad quotas set by the government to meet their budget requirements. This is an ongoing issue with the Kurds and they need this resolved. Could this hold up the payments of the oil revenues to the citizens? Sure it can and may be the reason why they have not yet paid them. Could this hold up the RV? Sure it can since the USA wants good faith and must see these payments happen before they feel HCL is fully implemented.

from Batman: 1IQD=1USD is coming...