View Full Version : Baghdad Council receives 10% of its budget and allocated to pay dues Contractors

06-29-2015, 04:43 AM
Baghdad Council receives 10% of its budget and allocated to pay dues Contractors

BAGHDAD / long-Presse

Baghdad Provincial Council, announced on Sunday, the receipt of the first amount of allocated to it for 2015, amounting to more than 680 billion dinars budget, and as he emphasized that the amount does not exceed 10% of the Council's budget, he noted that Sbarvh to repay advances Contractors.
He said the Baghdad Provincial Council member Mohammed al-Rubaie, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Baghdad Provincial Council will receive on Monday (today) the first amount of the 2015 budget of more than 680 billion dinars, amounting to", stressing that "the amount does not exceed 10 % of the Council's budget. "

He said al-Rubaie, said that "these funds will be spent to pay ancestor Contractors", pointing out that "The Council is very interested in this file to the large number of complaints from contractors and many of them suffered considerable material damage".

The Baghdad Provincial Council stressed, in (6 March 2015), that the amount of the 2015 budget, which was reduced to half did not yet reach, and as pointed out that it will reflect negatively on the implementation of projects in the capital Baghdad, pointed out that the bulk of the allocations will be spent to complete achievement of high levels of important projects. The Iraqi Council of Representatives approved, on Thursday, (January 29, 2015), the financial budget for the current year 2015, B119 trillion Iraqi dinars and a deficit of 25 trillion dinars, and with House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri confirmed it was the first time that the adoption of the budget is during the month the first of the year, and described as "achievement".