View Full Version : The Central Bank intends to sell the currency adjustment controls

07-05-2015, 11:28 PM
The Central Bank intends to sell the currency adjustment controls

He said the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives member Abdul Qader Mohammed said the Iraqi Central Bank will change the process of selling hard currency controls. He said in a statement MP I followed news agency reported today pratha “The most prominent of these controls is how to deal with banks, which caused the high value of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, and the granting of security authorities a role to control the currency smuggling and money laundering operations.”

A member of the economic and investment commission in the House of Representatives Najiba Najib said for its part that “the process of changing the central bank controls the currency auction sale process came late,” adding that “it was possible to change these regulations before they are exposed to the collapse of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar.”

To that attributed the economic expert Reza Ragheb Blibl cause of what happened from an unprecedented rise of the dollar exchange rate to the House of Representatives as a result of the instructions and put it in the budget this year, which allowed the central bank selling $ 75 million a day. ” It is said that the dollar exchange rate has seen a few weeks ago up a surprise against the Iraqi dinar is called the central bank intervention to issue a number of current and future measures to decrease the volume.