View Full Version : Parliamentary economy expect difficulties in the application of tariffs next month

07-10-2015, 10:42 PM
Parliamentary economy expect difficulties in the application of tariffs next month

July 10, 2015

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - the economic and investment commission predicted that the parliamentary facing the application of the tariff law in all border crossings procedures scheduled next month implementation difficulties, especially since some ports usurped by Daash terrorist gangs .

Said committee member Abdul-Salam al-Maliki's (IMN) , said that "the investment committee supportive of the steps the government to increase fiscal revenues to the state treasury through the application of tariff law, but the law must be comprehensive applicable in all border crossing points, without exception."

Maliki said that "the government postponed the application of the law to the next month at the request of the Kurdistan Regional Government to set up a private Kurdish language at border crossing points of the territory devices," adding that "the Commission will monitor the extent of application of the law at all border crossings and not selectively."

He stressed that the "application of the law will face difficulties and problems, especially since some border crossings raped Daash terrorist gangs and these ports will be used for the introduction of various goods not conforming to the specifications as well as not subject to the customs tariff, which occur confusion in the market . "

Iraq relies on annual financial revenue on the export of oil by up to about 97%, and is seeking through legal legislation package to activate the industrial, agricultural and commercial side, including Aamadmn find financial revenues, as well as by the oil revenues .

The Iraqi government launched an application procedures (Customs Tariff Act, the Consumer Protection Act, and the law of the national product) in implementation of the government program adopted by Haider Abadi, head of government to be implemented during the period of presiding over government protection .