View Full Version : The survival of commodity prices to rise despite the drop in the dollar exchange rate

07-13-2015, 12:00 PM
The survival of commodity prices to rise despite the drop in the dollar exchange rate


Dinars / Abbas Al passengers / A .. exclamation citizens buy a cure at a pharmacy near his house, marveled at the high price of this treatment, which was purchased cheaply before period, when the owner of the pharmacy and asked about the reason for this increase, he answered, the result of rising dollar , but he replied that the dollar exchange rate has fallen significantly over the past few days, turned out to him after this conversation that all the goods and commodities and food prices remain unchanged on the rise if increased due to higher US dollar does not go down if it never fell.
Iraq is perhaps the only country in the region who is suffering from this phenomenon, which incurred the ordinary citizen more than energy and fatigue his shoulders and the pressure on the daily pocket money.
In the opinion of experts that there are several reasons behind the rise in the US dollar exchange rates in Iraq, including because of the demand for the purchase of goods and commodities in preparation for the holy month of Ramadan, and some of them back because of demand to buy the dollar and other foreign currencies in order to travel to spend the holiday in one of the European countries, while attributing some specialists in economic affairs local to the existence of economic mafias are trying to confuse the local market position through the purchase of the largest possible quantities of the dollar and the monopoly to sell it to the citizens in their own way process.

It is believed more citizens that the rise in prices was due to the advent of the month of Ramadan and that the rise is from wholesalers where they are used at the beginning of each season is some weak souls of those traders to raise prices as a result of increased demand for those goods, but it's different this time as the rising prices was due to the high dollar and increased demand for it is very large and unprecedented, as well as survival rates are high with the end of the crisis.

one of the citizens say that the private dollar rise effect on the market significantly and at all levels, and included various goods and staples, accessories and complementary products as well, where it arrived rise to the price of "mobile phone card" After that was sold to "5000" thousands of dinars to the category of "$ 5" is now to 500.5 thousand dinars for the same category and 11 thousand dinars to the category of $ 10.
While denies some local merchants responsible for the continuation of rising prices in the country and blame the wholesalers and importers of materials and goods from abroad and opportunists who took the opportunity to keep the case as it stands to reap more profits possible and ratios and the exploitation of the ordinary citizen.
As specialists confirm that the absence of price controls by the local councils, provincial councils and the marginalization of the role of security economic and non-activating the laws that held accountable manipulators prices was the behind the spread of the phenomenon of the survival rates are high after the demise of the reasons behind these rises and rise prices, and instability is very excessive.
mentions that the dollar exchange rate reached in some days to 1234 dinars to the dollar, then taking retreat and decline slowly until he settled the price of the old cashed any at 1166 dinars to the dollar, the official price set by the central bank.

It does not include high-cost only food, but beyond it to all goods imported from abroad, from construction materials, building materials and treatments and the prices of cars and motorcycles and other goods.
linked to the Iraqi market with the global markets and the prices of stock exchanges in the region in terms of its dependence on imported food of various kinds, and the adoption of the Iraqi economy on oil rents only without the other, so the dollar exchange rate is inversely proportional to the global oil prices The lower oil prices cashed price in the domestic market rose.