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07-25-2015, 08:34 AM
Send a card the draft national law to the Ministry of State for Provincial Affairs and Parliament

BAGHDAD / integrity - Posted General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, the draft standard card national law to the Ministry of State for Provincial Affairs and the House of Representatives.

A statement by the Secretariat, on Thursday, received (uprightness) a copy of "The Secretariat sent a project approved by the national law of the card by the Cabinet to the Ministry of State for Provincial Affairs and the House of Representatives."

He said that sending the project was based on "directing Cabinet Minutes of the twenty-ninth regular session last Tuesday, and the emphasis on the Iraqi Council of Representatives for the purpose of accelerating the national legislation card extreme importance to the law."
The statement said that "due to the card Fir national identity from the rest of the archives of all Iraqi citizens."
The "Council of Ministers approved on 19 of last May, the card on the draft national law.

The Council of Ministers announced on the seventh of July of this, the issuance of a unified national card in the 25th of this month.
According to a source familiar with it "in the light of his Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Ghabban in the meeting of the Council on (7 July) to the Consolidated card project decided to publish the first card in the 25 of July of this," explaining that "this project will continue between two to three years until number for 30 million Iraqis is complete, "adding that" the interior minister asked the allocation amount for the establishment of a private building card Unified Council of Ministers has approved it. "

The Ministry of Interior announced in (30 June) the arrival of shipments of device and equipment for the national card system with the arrival of the first shipments

07-25-2015, 08:35 AM
Today the launch of a unified national card project

7/25/2015 0:00

High-level presence will be the launch of the first releases
BAGHDAD - morning
Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Ghabban called Saturday unified card project through a large celebration held by the ministry by the way a good hotel room in the presence of high-level reduction in order to multiple documents in a single document revisions and to reduce bureaucracy in government departments routine.

The move comes after the launch of the government project to facilitate procedures for citizens and investors. Media Ministry Director Ibrahim al-Abadi said in a statement the "morning": that "the central opening ceremony will be attended by the heads of the executive, legislative and judicial authorities, members of the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives", adding that the celebration will witness the inauguration of the work by issuing a first consolidated cards for those wishing to attend and adopted the official document to prove their personality Official revisions to save time and facilitate the requirements of the citizens.

"The project is in addition to that it provides accurate data and information for citizens would be a formal announcement on the break with the corruption in the government departments completion of transactions that will give it the credibility of the national machinery, and thus allow the support of development and investment programs."
Abadi said that the Interior Ministry has created all necessary measures to issue the single card across the country work requirements through sexual circles associated with the ministry, saying: "All the directorates of sexual services in the provinces processing pre-requisites release the necessary work to give the single card for citizens, and that the ministry sent a special uncles so ".

He said the Interior did not make any step after the fall of the regime, and continued the case to put the exchange of correspondence on the project up to 2011 until it was legislation consolidated card law,adding that the project opening today is a "civilized and important step" for the development of the administration and folding years ago and the Iraqi citizen heard promises about "Unified Card" and did not touch anything.

For his part, the technical deputy to the province of Baghdad Jassem Mohan Boukhaty said in a statement the "morning": that "the first phase of this project will be launched on Saturday, and will ease the burden of the use of the four documents in formal reviews when citizens", pointing out that the province has been delivered by the project system (GPS) cross erected thousands of cameras related Web network to show all citizens data in Alnzam.ccant Interior Ministry confirmed "the arrival of shipments of device and equipment for the system of national card with the arrival of the first shipments of crude national card," pointing out that "the specialists in the card Directorate will put a special mechanism to call the citizens and explain how their review to the circles in which case the installed chains. "

According to official estimates that the financial cost of this project, believes that the reduction of the four official cards and one card, will increase to $ 400 million, but it will ensure the reduction of millions of cards, and turn them into digital information using modern devices and systems.