View Full Version : Parliamentary Finance warns of the spread of counterfeit currency

07-25-2015, 08:44 PM
Parliamentary Finance warns of the spread of counterfeit currency in the market is demanding the government to take the necessary procedures


Parliamentary Finance Committee warned on Saturday, the spread of counterfeit currency categories of ten thousand dinars and 25 000 dinars in the domestic market, demand that the government and central bank to take procedures to limit the circulation of citizens.

A member of the committee MP Jabbar al-Abadi for "Sky Press," that "the proliferation of counterfeit currency in the domestic market, especially the ten of thousands of categories and 25 000 dinars dangerous phenomenon and is a crime threaten the economic security of the country".

"The government is required to take the necessary measures to track down who play by the Iraqi economy through their rigging the currency measures," calling on the central bank to "counterfeit currency withdrawn from the market to curb the proliferation and circulation of citizens."

The local sources indicated the presence of Iraqi currency forged the category of 25 000 dinars are traded in the market.

The central bank earlier by issuing a new edition of the coin ten thousand dinars category in the market and the withdrawal of the old edition gradually, especially after the emergence of cases of fraud for this category in the domestic market.

07-26-2015, 04:03 PM
Its bad enough we cant use these notes at all at any bank except in Iraq and now they are fake !!!!!!!