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Banking behavior

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Global banks are characterized in their search for more ways of evolution aimed at attracting customers and attract within a structured program for this purpose by providing various banking products and services carried out by the aim of enduring success and development, which will inevitably be reflected on their profits.

The profession of banking globally or working banks of Almanmn prestigious as the case in the professions of medicine, engineering, etc., as calculated by the bank in developed societies that it is relevant figures.

Where are we in this assessment?.

a dialogue between me and one of specialists and stakeholders in the banking issue, content exceeded Questions routine Vanhsr assessment of the banking behavior we have compared with the countries of the world Advanced Vetosalna a consensus that we need to develop this behavior is important.

My source specialist pointed out that fast our audience response are common and easy to slip into the public especially under the circumstance that the country isliving (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00S6ZX8DC) a fact to wear them, and went on to say: that any act of working in the banking sector with customers will reflect negatively on his performance.

This Gleam led (http://clicks.pangora.com/purchaseRedirect.do?p=0&c=637382&o=1370147939&che=cGFuZ29yYSHYl2TZaJMQgfwXArCpB2gH&m=109216&rid=6088500132&ver=2.0&market=us&man=&ser=3467&pc=27655665&pcat=77988&dbob=cGFuZ29yYSF8G5nVWj-Tqw..&dbobcur=USD&abob=cGFuZ29yYSELPbZU37xQjg..&abobcur=USD&ts=MjAxNTA3MjctMDYwMzA0&op=-1.0&dle=cGFuZ29yYSFukH8DrX5tSNfs5PvzUmmOSGXIqdLmjNk3UZ mqIm57mTge_Y3PVcnlLo7SdGE1N_fs6ZaacQCNjvczDARgKgzH mf-Jerj_xlNEtsbtxbWUCTMRDqCB1yWmpPREY5RQ5pgVV0Ct0mKS5 YngxaT5q3J_i7g0WaP0nRLeNE8yg9sviJcZQQ7CKrHFENgRvOZ UztSWnm5sQAmRvNQxkJTK7LN-FUq35U-lixu3L-0f_M-WSPg1Vyv4WzBpgPc0foCX-LWbCYsE_uI_n3ZG_BnAOHBtXgXfkhZNg_Mik0K_YwHqWFeI5en P3ooKWH3uEkoq5mhHFyRA6WSRa2SHtsENj-X2eccF9MGj424r_y283fIeP3UlpkpdltePQMiNGhoiaOOsnLVO HJgBUlx0-KKkAyxiFOsBD0mxsRxtXNpt5odfomVUEJ9ic9tlQCGkvosAMKW g5c3-JZVqvkVrY1NuWuA3PiBvFTcmjV5w13BAeVGwDjjk5_8RboZPsF AoV-4SzifwKoUPyumnkBQYhpMJAQw-utEeEkGRyN9vjwOdImVd2ge3boQT3kvFsQOvgYn7ssJ-7fxdIrMYNUDV9wuSuQZkXLntlgZEN_IUj0MIiHDibPLZzGAPEI 6EmCEYrZTdqe2BWaXOa84xGr4MkkyrQT_2tPvpc5vv_H5uBr5N wVrHItdA4xeuX55XQAZtSOsCy9FsEGOE-tTb9YEZuFJ8pNouafd5wPZtdn2q9vpEPgCOJnBaYVARMIsg2IL 7_QJg6Ls.) me to look at this vital issue because of the importance of the banking behavior in the reputation and performance of the banking sector, and when he had the goal of any win customers bank or attract customers .. "calling pioneers and's customers banks," what is required of workers in the machine banking deal with these slides Aulfiat of all citizens in all transparency and fitness literary should also employees of the banks gain experience in negotiating art to convince the public of all what is happening in the bank of positive Aomah conditions without disturbing the mood reviewers Why?

any bank seeks to achieve profits derived from the size dealers with him, so any incorrect behavior with the customer Hoadaah opportunity precious difficult to compensate, this behavior undiagnosed for many workers in the banks, whether government or private, is required to address it?

When you search into the causes of decline in the banking behavior in banks and incidents and semantics many find it back to mismanagement First, choice is the conciliator for workers in this behavior career prestigious, widespread ugly corruption flag administrations and overlooked, Macad to shift usually need to in bribes and disable transactions and to harm the public, unless required to do about this situation?

Certainly repair departments of banks and selection of efficient workers, trained and immunized to return to the profession and reputation