View Full Version : Parliamentary Finance: Iraq reserves of wealth of $ 59 billion and 90 tons of gold

08-23-2015, 10:44 PM
Parliamentary Finance: Iraq reserves of wealth of $ 59 billion and 90 tons of gold
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BAGHDAD / Sky Press: detection of the parliamentary finance committee rapporteur, Sunday, that Iraq reserves of wealth of $ 59 billion, and 90 tons of gold, stressing that the country's reserves decline year after year, the main reason for the drop in oil prices, which amounts to $ 40 per barrel .

Said Ahmad Haji Rashid in a press statement, that "the wealth of Iraq reserves decline year after year gradually, and in particular the dollar reserves, and who knows the Fed, and therefore decreased significantly compared with recent years."

Rashid added that "Iraq reserves from the dollar in 2013 in the Iraqi Central Bank, amounted to $ 84 billion, and in 2014 dropped to $ 77 billion, and in 2015 this fell to its lowest level of $ 59 billion, and the reason is linked to the price of the dollar down."

He was referred to the Attorney, that Iraq's oil revenues amounting to $ 150 million, but the central bank pumped $ 300 million a day in the markets, and this is what a negative impact on the country's reserve of the dollar.

He pointed out that it is different for gold reserves, which rose Iraq's reserves of gold compared to previous years, in 2013, gold reserves reached 29 tons, but now has the country's reserve of gold 90 tons, and if it continues to decline in the price of oil in this way, which arrived 40 dollars per barrel, it is possible that the negative impact on Iraq's reserves of gold and the other is experiencing decline.