View Full Version : delay the adoption of anti-money laundering law presents Iraq to enter the black list

08-26-2015, 09:03 AM
Attorney-Jubouri: delay the adoption of anti-money laundering law presents Iraq to enter the black list

Editor Alaa Hassan - Tuesday 25 August 2015 17:51


confirmed member of the Finance Committee in Parliament MP Haitham al-Jubouri , Tuesday, that the parliamentary committee senior anti-corruption will be an important meeting tomorrow to develop appropriate and "deterrent" mechanisms to stop money laundering and the financing of "terror" operations, as pointed out that the delay in approving the anti-laundering law Money displays the Iraqi state to enter into a "black list." Jubouri said in an interview for " Alsumaria News "that" the Supreme parliamentary committee to combat money laundering will be held an important meeting tomorrow, and will be at the meeting to host the central bank governor and director of the Money Laundering Office in the bank and an official file in the device Iraqi intelligence and general manager of exhibitions and import and export. "

"The purpose of the meeting is to develop and deterrent to stop money laundering and terrorism financing operations appropriate mechanisms". He said al-Jubouri, "will also be discussed anti-money laundering law and the need to speed up the inclusion of all the notes for the enactment of the law," noting that "the House of Representatives ended, today, the first reading the law against money laundering. " Jubouri that "the delay in approving the Anti-Money Laundering Law presents the Iraqi state to enter the blacklist, which includes Iran and North Korea as enamel Organization standards FATF specialized international fight against money laundering." It is said that the Council of Ministers approved on Tuesday (30 June 2015), on the draft anti-money laundering and the financing of "terrorism." Act , money laundering is the recycling of funds resulting from illegal actions in the areas of channels and invest legitimacy to hide the true source of these funds and look as if they had been generated from a legitimate source Examples of these actions is legitimate (funds generated by the drug trade - slave - prostitution - weapons).