View Full Version : Parliamentary Finance: state treasury almost empty of money

08-31-2015, 09:01 AM
Parliamentary Finance: state treasury almost empty of money

Since 08.29.2015 at 11:10 (GMT Baghdad)
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Detection of the parliamentary finance committee member Ahmed Hama, Saturday, that the state treasury almost empty of money, noting that the lack of possibility for the management of Iraq's money will cause frequent occurrence of economic crises.

He said Hama's / scales News /, that "Iraq will depend to collect revenues on oil exports daily sale to meet the daily needs of the money, adding that he has been selling oil exports since the beginning of the year until last month's $ 25 billion the government spent 95% of them to pay salaries staff for the past months. "

He said a member of the parliamentary Finance, said that "the state treasury now almost empty of money, indicating that the central bank's foreign exchange reserves of $ 59 billion, according to unofficial sources in addition to 90 tons of gold."

And between, that "Iraq is suffering mainly from money management because of the lack of standardized and efficient financial system, pointing out that continuing on the current approach to money management will lead to frequent economic crises."

This announced the Rafidain Bank, the Sabbath, for recovery of tens of billions were smuggled into the public market and are operated by some quarters and crooked ways.