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09-02-2015, 06:40 AM
Iraq displays sovereign bonds for sale

2/9/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD Alaa al-Tai

scheduled to travel a senior government delegation, including ministers, officials and experts in the financial and economic affairs, next week, to the United States and Britain to discuss the issue of Iraq sovereign bonds, and to explain the ability of the country to fulfill its obligations to investors who Septaon those bonds and Atdaolunha in markets Alaalmih.ocd high-level government source, who preferred anonymity, said in an interview singled out the "morning" that a government delegation will travel next Monday, accompanied by a credit rating talks team, to the United States and the UK to clarify Iraq's ability to fulfill its obligations to investors who Septaon Sindh Iraqi and international promotion, in a move that serve the welfare of economic reform measures and to maximize state revenues.

The source said, "The delegation will include government and finance ministers, oil and Governor of the Central Bank and the consultants and experts in economic and financial Shan officials to discuss the process of issuing sovereign government bonds in the global financial market."

The source noted, that the Iraqi government delegation held talks in Turkey during last June in order to promote Sovereign bonds to be issued by Iraq, stressing that the delegation held meetings with representatives of international banks also reviewed the financial and economic, political and security of Iraq report. The source said that the talks with my company has a credit rating and the International Tribunals "Modiner and Fitch" in order to determine the credit rating of Iraq in the international capital market, also held talks with British companies rating and contacts to get a credit rating. The source indicated that Iraq's current credit rating within the group ( noting that the delegation will explain the possibilities and Iraq's oil export.