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10-15-2015, 09:49 PM
Parliamentary Finance: there waiting for the launch of the loan amounts to benefit personally (http://nenosplace.forumotion.com/t38745-parliamentary-finance-there-waiting-for-the-launch-of-the-loan-amounts-to-benefit-personally#76382)

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad confirmed the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi, on Thursday, that there are waiting for the launch of the amounts for small loans, which came with a grant from the central bank, to benefit personally, expressing fear that this money goes to non of places allocated to it. She said Tamimi's "Tomorrow's Press," that "the subject of small loans is a good step to revive the Iraqi economy through five amount trillion granted dinars by the Iraqi Central Bank to banks, but there are waiting impatiently for it to benefit personally," indicating that "the loans came as a step to eliminate on unemployment, the fact that the budget in 2015 and 2016-free grades with the exception of some ministries. " She added, "I've noticed things suspicious on the subject of the granting of loans, we saw the same faces that always take loans for investments in large amounts as if they were civilized for these loans, so there is a fear that go allocated and hoped to benefit the citizens money, to places that are not true and are in place. "

She said Tamimi," I'm going to set up a committee to monitor the five amounts trillion allocated to loans, to know where you will be spent and the names that will be given to them, because there are some politicians are waiting for this issue to benefit from them In particular, "stating," We support the reference as I went to him from the need to control the subject of money has been spent, and I personally Atojs wary of this matter. "With regard to the delay in the launch of loans, Tamimi has explained the reason as" the existence of procedures and mechanisms and study the feasibility of the projects submitted by citizens, "asserting that" the banks put the finishing touches to the launch of these loans. "The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, was launched earlier, two initiatives for loans in industry, agriculture, housing, small segment of young people and projects.