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12-17-2015, 10:01 AM
Conference in London to discuss investment in the stock market

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BAGHDAD - Mostafa Hashemi

Iraq Stock Exchange is seeking to open up to the world through the definition of the activities of the private sector traded companies with a view to increasing investment in the banking and industrial sectors and services, agriculture and others.

This comes at a time of the course is to be held in the British capital London global bourses Conference 20 - January 2016 21, organized by Simesku company specialized establishment of investment conferences outside Iraq.

He said Ahmed Al Jader - one of the officials in the company - in a statement singled out by the morning, that the idea of the conference is based on the collection of stock markets and global markets in the Middle East and North Africa with Arab and foreign investors in the global capital for investment London where is the Iraq Stock Exchange of the most important financial markets planned to invest in, said Jader: There will be participation of the Iraq Stock Exchange, represented by the Executive Director of the Iraqi market for securities, Taha al-Rubaie and Thaer chosen president of the Board of Governors.

will also participate members of the Iraqi Stock Exchange companies to encourage investment in the shares of their companies through the Iraq Stock Exchange, represented by banks and companies money transfer and brokerage firms and hotels, as well as other companies listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange Finance.

He explained that it would be Through the presentations will present to introduce their companies and encourage foreign companies to invest and to enter the Iraqi market and the advancement of the economy

He Jader that it is scheduled to participate in the conference of more than 50 global companies from various Arab and foreign countries and from all kinds of areas to promote and support the financial markets, as well as experts, economists and journalists interested in the economy and investment in the region.

Among the most prominent Arab stock markets that will participate in the conference are Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, the Amman Stock Exchange, along with Jordan Securities Commission and the Stock Exchange Tunisia, and the Beirut Stock Exchange, and the Muscat Securities Market, and the Stock Exchange

According to experts and observers, the indirect investment in Iraq is below the level of ambition.

It is also needed to enforce awareness to the public and publicize the importance of this type of investment with a view to trading on the shares of private sector companies in the stock market, which represent a true reflection of the reality of the private sector in the country activated.

12-18-2015, 04:20 PM
Hopefully non-Iraqi brokers will be able to trade shares on the ISX and ESX

and custodian banks will be able to operate freely too