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12-20-2012, 12:30 AM
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Iraqi Armed Forces Commander Nuri Al Maliki agreed to re-instate 176 former army officers who belong to the barrack of Baghdad, Al Anbar and Central Euphrates.

“The Ministry received the approval of the Commander In-Chief of the Armed Forces Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki to reinstate a second group of former army officers. Their number amounts to 176 and they belong to the barrack of Baghdad, Al Anbar and Central Euphrates”, said the Defense Ministry’s spokesperson colonel Diya’ Al Wakil in a press release which Alsumaria got a copy of.

“The officers will undergo medical examinations to confirm their abilities to complete their duties, in a preliminary preparation for the executive order of the reassignment”, added Al Wakil. He also pointed out that: “the names of the third group of reinstated officers will be issued soon”.

“The Directorate Management in the Ministry of Defense issued a list stipulating the payment of the retirement dues of the officers who retired before April 9, 2003 i.e. 1103 officers from different ranks on account of conforming with the age restriction”, confirmed Al Wakil. He emphasized that “another new list was issued encompassing 3991 officers who retired prior to April 9, 2003 confirming that their retirement dues were settled”.

The Ministry of Defense announced in February 2010 that Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki issued an order to reassign former personnel of the army who wish to go back into service, noting that 20400 officers, who presented demands to return to service from inside or outside of Iraq, will be included. He also called upon officers present in Iraq and abroad to consult with the Ministry.

The American Administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority of Iraq Paul Bremer issued in May 2003, about 2 months after the U.S. Army invaded Iraq, a decision to liquidate the Iraqi Army as well as the administrations affiliated with it. Later on the army was rebuilt while former officers who served before 2003 were excluded.