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12-29-2015, 01:01 PM
The completion of fiber optic project

12/29/2015 0:00
BAGHDAD - Isra Samurai
completed the Ministry of Communications fiber-optic network, containing a project to improve the current Internet service throughout the country.

He said Communications Minister Hassan Al-Rashed in his speech during the announcement of the opening of the project and attended the "morning": that the completion of a network of optical fiber project will contribute to the achievement of return material of the country exceeds 220 million dollars a year.

He Rashed on the sidelines of the conference the "morning" that the completion of the project is a major achievement of the ministry during the current year after work began during the year 2010, pointing out fruitful cooperation in the completion of the international network of information services subsidiary The Ministry Inc. (Symphony) competent in the field of telecommunications and information technology. He explained that the project includes construction of optical network throughout the country and then link Iraq with the countries of the world, as well as linking PBX ground through this modern network, which in turn would make the transfer of all data to and from Iraq andquickly double than the speed of the current capacities of the Internet and telecommunications, as well as set up an independent network of government departments and institutions under the supervision of the international network of information services company in order to ensure the security of government information and not impenetrable from any quarter. For his part, stressed the director of international networking service company on the butcher "morning", said the project will provide multiple services including service international Alammerar that operate on the data, the Internet and electronic services offered by States and regional across Iraq transport, as well as providing high-capacity Internet and marketing to service operators and providers mobile phones after securing infrastructure effective in the area of the Internet, as well as the optimal use of international gateways to the force which will connect the project network done with access gates to provide a safety element and control online content and interconnection between online stations main in Baghdad, Kirkuk and Basra, which provides service from FAO to Northern Iraq. He continued that the project is not limited to the provision of information to citizens or institutions working, but will be provided subsidized optic network services to military units private network for secure communications between them and the achievement of national security requirements in the Internet and communications field, in addition to providing a secure government network of electronic high-quality applications at a cost a few, in addition to providing local capacity through a network (Metro) Interior to open the door to many applications that serve the educational, health, economic, security and trade fields.