View Full Version : Iraqi Dinar Currency to be Powerful to Enter in the Global Currency Markets 1-25-16

01-27-2016, 10:29 AM
Iraqi Dinar Currency to be Powerful to Enter in the Global Currency Markets

Osama Mehmoud, the global stock representative in Iraq stressed about the importance of integrative laws and economic action of law making. He also pointed out that linking the Iraqi dinar currency to the global economy has its own importance.

The Iraqi currency should achieve its value against the global currencies. It would allow in providing more power to the economic process in the country. He further added in his press interview that current economic condition in Iraq needs more care.

He pointed out that most of the laws related to the Iraqi economy are still need to get regulations for the economic management in the economic sector, according to the formula. The process in trade and economy are following an open economy as it is called market economy.

He further added that it would improve the economic management that would produce an uncertain economy.
There are many industrialized nations depending on the open market that implemented the processes of production and the theory of import and export.
The commercial exchange process between a numbers of companies should adopt a unified economic system. He gave an example of Iraqi economic reality that is continuously depending on letters of guarantee issued to the traders to manage the operations of import of goods.

It is showing the limitations to the Iraqi verbal disapproval within the banks. It is also stopping to spread the Iraqi dinar currency into the international markets.
As a result, the Iraqi dinar value decreased and unable to trade outside the Iraq. He stressed that importance of presenting the Iraqi dinar currency in the global currency markets.