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01-27-2016, 06:56 PM
Executive Director of the stock market calls for the establishment of an independent financial centers in the provinces


BAGHDAD / Karim Jassim al-Tai / .. invited the Executive Director of the Iraqi market for securities Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam to the need for the Iraqi provinces to establish an independent financial centers.

He said Abdul Salam said in a statement singled out by the agency / JD /: that the market expressed his willingness to cooperate and to provide all the support with all Iraqi provinces that want to create an independent financial centers Daha.mbana that the market gave seminars in a number of Iraqi universities, including Basra, Diwaniya and Najaf, and others in order to encourage the creation of investment centers related to the Iraq market for securities.
Abdul Salam urged the Iraqi provinces to create Hakiqin businessmen who contacted Iraq market for securities and go to the Securities Commission for the purpose of obtaining approvals fundamentalism.

He added that the market Sagom support this financial centers through processing technical potentials fact that the Iraqi market is responsible for the dissemination of technical capabilities and communication link between a financial center with Iraq Stock Exchange and that what has been done in the provinces of Arbil and Sulaymaniyah after the establishment of the private sector to establish and brokerage firms have been awarded official licenses for trading.
He said the market carried out the technical connectivity across networks through technical processing programs that facilitate the trading process in the market and currently operates 100%.

He called on the rest of the provinces that want to have a financial center that starts in collaboration with the stock market after Akhiaarham to train cadres of the working people of the province.

He said the market's goal is employment and employment of the province and to the creation of financial and technical expertise, and funding is from within the province through to configure the headquarters of the financial center is owned by the province and be part of management and employees from within the province and not the king of the Iraq market, adding: We are responsible for Technical linkage and legal procedures that facilitate investors trading in those provinces in the process of the Iraqi market and there will be more than six seconds difference between Baghdad and between any province as it currently holds between Arbil and Sulaymaniyah.

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independant financial centre ?

wassat ?