View Full Version : Babylon Investment opens the largest shopping mall

02-01-2016, 09:49 PM
(Golden Mall) central city of Hilla, Babil

Babylon Investment opens the largest shopping mall in the province and confirms the opening of another during the current year

Announced Babylon Investment Commission, on Monday, the opening of the first shopping mall in the province to invest in a way Hilla city center, as pointed out that Babylon will see this year, another the opening of the six-storey, one of the investors said that the total cost of the complex amounted to more than three billion dinars.

The head of the Investment Authority of Babylon, Nasr Hammoud, in an interview with (long-Presse), "The neighborhood dignity Hilla city center, witnessed today, the opening (Golden Mall), the first large shopping mall open in Babylon by investment," noting that "creation and delivery mall has seen a high speed by a company executing what we want to be a catalyst for all investors in Babylon."
Hammoud stressed that "the province on the verge of many investment opportunities in various sectors," he said, adding that he "will be the opening of the largest mall consists of six floors in the province during the month of August of this year."

For his part, noted investor Hussein al-Khafaji, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The total cost for the establishment of the mall, which was designed by the UAE company, amounted to three billion and five hundred thousand dinars and the estimated area of ​​3,200 thousand square meters," noting that "the mall It consists of two floors and includes 50 (http://viglink.pgpartner.com/rd.php?r=30862&m=1893763325&q=n&rdgt=1454249563&it=1454681563&et=1454854363&priceret=6.84&pg=~~3&k=56082a2c128412c19c8007315e107822&source=feed&url=http%3A%2F%2Frd%2Ebizrate%2Ecom%2Frd%3Ft%3Dhtt p%253A%252F%252Fwww%2Eamazon%2Ecom%252Fdp%252FB00D 0GJLKQ%252Fref%253Dasc%5Fdf%5FB00D0GJLKQ4108092%25 3Fsmid%253DATVPDKIKX0DER%2526tag%253Dshopzilla0d%2 D20%2526ascsubtag%253Dshopzilla%5Frev%5F263%2D20%2 53BSZ%5FREDIRECT%5FID%2526linkCode%253Ddf0%2526cre ative%253D395093%2526creativeASIN%253DB00D0GJLKQ%2 6mid%3D184056%26cat%5Fid%3D13050200%26atom%3D10000 1658%26prod%5Fid%3D%26oid%3D5334122078%26pos%3D1%2 6b%5Fid%3D18%26bid%5Ftype%3D4%26bamt%3D42cebdc0db8 12186%26cobrand%3D106%26ppr%3D0143219de321b829%26m pid%3DB00D0GJLKQ%26rf%3Dafp%26af%5Fassettype%5Fid% 3D12%26af%5Fcreative%5Fid%3D2932%26af%5Fid%3D61370 5%26af%5Fplacement%5Fid%3D1&st=feed&mt=~~~~~~~~n~~~) shops in addition to the restaurant and lounges, and a children's play. "