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02-03-2016, 08:23 PM
Work: Exchange pensions workers’ salaries

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Work: Exchange pensions workers’ salaries on Sunday and Monday

called on the Ministry of Labour and Social – retirement circle Affairs and Social Security, on Wednesday, creditors workers of campaign cards is the key card] and [manual exchange] to receive pensions for the months of January and February will be held on the seventh and eighth of this February.

According to a ministry statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, that “the workers’ salaries exchange unsecured holders ironing Card will be on Sunday, the seventh of February will next week, in what would be the exchange of manual workers salaries on Monday, the eighth of February will” .

“The amount of pensions turned to the General Administration of the Rafidain Bank for the purpose of distribution according to the dates identified in advance” .