View Full Version : CBIk: Reserve up to $ 50 million, twice the source of trading 2-3-2016

02-03-2016, 07:27 PM
Central Bank: Reserve up to $ 50 million, twice the source of trading

announced director general of release of the Central Bank, the central bank reserves (http://www.ecampus.com/bk_detail.asp?isbn=9780230580893&referrer=CJ) up to $ 50 million, which is twice the source of trading, indicating that the required reserves of the Central Bank less than 60 percent of the source Altdaola.oukal Ihsan Yasiri «dollar was trading source, It is the extent of the claims of the central bank from outside the vaults of trading and what is in the banks », indicating that« the source of trading 38 trillion dinars, of which 15 percent of the banking system and the rest of the public is one of the means lured issuing bonds, causing the pressure to buy the dollar to be one of the inflation factors a large number are trying to attract public within excellent benefits »He pointed out that« monetary policy balance between the interest of the individual to be the dinar is cheap and the interest of the national economy to be dinar expensive and orientation of the Bank that the dollar is so cheap price », pointing out that« reserve The central bank more than a source of much trading volume and reserves comfortable ».