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02-15-2016, 09:26 PM
Expert (time): A class of 50 thousand dinars tamper-proof

February 15, 2016
He is an economist that the version of 50 000 dinars class of the Central Bank has no impact on the market and tamper-proof movement, noting that it was an alternative for some of the damaged groups. The expert said David Abdul Zayer (time) yesterday that (issue 50 thousand dinars category does not affect the market and causing inflation being a monetary value fixed). He added that the (issuance was the result of some of the five thousand and ten thousand dinars categories of damage for the purpose of withdrawing been issued 50 thousand dinars category). Explaining that the (currency printing going on outside Iraq and that it is tamper-proof) .fima said the parliamentary finance committee member Sirhan Ahmed Sarhan (time) yesterday that (issuing fifty-class thousand dinars have an interest in trading among citizens for easy portability) and he said (this version is not Negotiable fraud but does not affect cash trading activity and lower or foreign currency rise, including the US dollar) in the bank stressed that issuing a new banknote fifty thousand dinars category due to the completion of the Iraqi banknotes structure and the development of high-class value in circulation indicating that it contains structures against attempts counterfeiting cloning. The bank said in an earlier statement that he (was issued banknotes category of 50,000 dinars dimensions of 65 mm width, 156 mm length, where the predominantly light brown except Framework motifs taken bold color). He said (the purpose of the issuance is to complete Iraqi banknotes structure and the development of high-class value in circulation) He explained the statement that (the banknote is printed using high-quality printing paper quality with a number of security and technical marks where his regiment paper includes a schematic picture of a paddle wheel Euphrates and palm in the middle and a picture of a Kurdistan) Falls.
He said (the paper also includes security markings printed magnetic ink, in addition to structures against counterfeiting attempts cloning). He pointed out that (the paper containing the signs to serve blind people to know it which is about four horizontal straight lines, in addition to the watermark horse's head with a Palm Assyrian half imprinted in the face of the paper and the other half in the back), stressing the statement that (the back of the paper include image planning for the Iraqi Marshlands include reed house and a number of fishermen and a group of buffaloes and birds, animals and a picture of a palm Iraq, with the Tigris and Euphrates rivers planning within the map of Iraq as the banknote has been repainted with paint shield so as to extend the life of the paper and protect it from dirt and dust).