View Full Version : Sadrists: everyone concerned Maliki risks and trust no Badthamath and investigations

12-22-2012, 06:28 AM
BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

Deputy prominent Sadrist Friday, said all the parties of the political process has become deeply concerned about the "risks" by the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, noting that his way of managing the security file made everyone lose trust accusations leveled by the partners and confessions obtained through investigations. This comes a comment on the arrest of dozens of Protection and Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi and accused of involvement in terrorist acts, which made the Congress the Iraqi List, which belongs to the minister feel very concerned steps Maliki, who prevented them from entering Baghdad on Friday, on condition they leave Hamayatem outside the capital as told the "long". And end-Maliki his sixth year in office crises unprecedented with most of its partners, as it appeared in 2012 judicial proceedings for the execution of the Vice President in exile in Turkey Tariq al-Hashimi, as the stamp this year by moving tanks south of Kirkuk, opening front surprise with the Kurdistan region, adding to Thursday's arrest of dozens Protection Issawi, a leading figure in the Iraqi and who previously served as vice-Maliki for about 3 years. Vice prominent Liberal block of the Sadrist movement, said the "long" The arrest protections and Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi, "is unprofessional and far from objective," stressing that "all the files offered by Maliki fabricated and became politicized and incorrect." In an interview with the "long" said MP Prince Kanani said that security authorities conducted arrests Regiment protecting Issawi "did not respect the minister, and this acted worry all the political parties," and warned that these measures "will increase the political differences that reflect heavily on the Iraqi street." Kanani said the parliamentary legal committee decision that "Maliki is not responding to tips bloc National Alliance (Shiite) to avoid such risks," adding that holding the National Alliance "would break up within the next few days because of the actions of the prime minister." He said the "all files that looms Maliki against his opponents are fabricated and incorrect end of which is targeting the political." For his part, Qais Cdhir Iraqi List MP said the list decided at a meeting held Friday in the home Rafie al-Issawi, "the formation of a committee by Saleh al-Mutlaq, and al-Issawi, and Osama Najafi, and Iyad al-Samarrai, and Salman al-Jumaili, to discuss the repercussions of Issawi with heads of political blocs," It started immediately. " And between Cdhir is Chairman of the National Reconciliation Commission representative, said that "the arrests of elements protections Issawi (about 150 elements) were carried out without warrants except one warrant for one of the officers, which sparked surprise significantly." He pointed out that "the leaks that we have received from the security authorities check with one regiment officers Issawi has become confessions of involvement terrorist operations," he said, calling to "reconsider the security and judicial system, and it should not be a tool of politicians." In the context of parallel revealed another deputy of Iraq, the commander in chief of the armed forces did not allow members of the list to enter Baghdad on Friday morning for unknown reasons. Attorney Shaalan said Karim "long" that the security checkpoints stationed at the entrances of the capital Baghdad, "did not allow us to enter Baghdad accompanied Hamaiatna and escorts, which prevented us from participating in the meeting of the Iraqi List, to discuss Rafie al-Issawi." Ahmed said electrodes Iraqi List MP in an interview for the "long", said his bloc "will not accept any investigation with members of the protection Issawi being Tmthelelh", threatening actions "are not limited to withdrawals from the parliament and the government as we did in the previous periods." "The Maliki government fabricating crises from time to time to cover up the repeated failure in all state facilities." And news agency said that the Americans are provided Prime Minister discs are compact and documents condemns Rafie al-Issawi, said electrodes "said Rafie al-Issawi met on Thursday with the U.S. ambassador and talked about this issue and stressed the latter not being aware of and know the merits of this topic," accusing the security authorities "promoting Thus News naked Health for the purpose of justifying their mistakes in this case. " Electrodes noted that "the leaders of the Iraqi List, are starting to think seriously formation Sunni province to protect them and their fans from the influence of al-Maliki and the security services controlled by individually and without supervision of Parliament and the independence of the judiciary."
He said it "never became unbearable after prolonged security on Iraqi leaders." And on the prevention of the entry of the Iraqi deputies enter the capital Baghdad, via electrodes as part of the action "provocative and unacceptable need to stand up and clarification by the concerned."